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The 5 Most Important Things To Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Florida

Are you wondering what you have to do should you get into a motorcycle accident in Florida? The state leads the nation for bike-related fatalities, which means one-fifth of all motor vehicle deaths in the US happen here.

In Florida, motorcycle riders are required to take a basic rider course to get a proper license or an endorsement that can be added on top of their existing driver’s license. Those are extra safety precautions for everyone’s sake, but sometimes, even those are not enough to prevent mishaps.

Motorcycle accidents are of a broad spectrum because the results may be minor or severe. Because of that, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to handling what comes after this type of vehicular accident. However, we have compiled some general tips that you can easily apply to most situations.

Contact The Police

The first thing to do is to contact the police to come to the scene of the crash. Police officers will take statements, draw diagrams, and interview everyone involved, including the witnesses. They will also assess property damage, obtain insurance information, document the road conditions, and issue a citation to the at-fault driver.

Seek Medical Attention

If you do not have any injuries, then you are in luck. Nevertheless, it is still crucial for you to speak to emergency responders or see a doctor because some injuries may not be immediately apparent. Some examples are internal bleeding, bone fractures, and traumatic brain injuries. Those do not necessarily manifest right after the accident, which is why you have to seek medical attention despite the lack of visible wounds, bleeding, or pain.

Acquire Evidence

Since the police may not get there within several minutes or so, while you are waiting, take the time to acquire as much evidence as you can. Get the names and contact details of the people at the scene. As for the other party involved in the accident, get their insurance records.

It is also a good idea to take photos or videos of the scene. Visual evidence will help police and insurers establish who is to blame in an accident.

You might think it is absurd to collect evidence yourself because the police will do it, but it is essential to have your own. Any piece of detailed information will always come in handy, especially in roadway accidents.

File Insurance Claim

Filing a claim with your insurer is the first step toward recovering your damages. You need to report the incident to your insurance company even when you are not at fault. Afterward, your provider will send out an investigator to get the information they need to determine liability. Additionally, an adjuster will handle the claim process.

While the insurer may seem to be on your side, keep in mind that they are also in the business of making money. For that reason, it is a must to have legal guidance when navigating the insurance process.

Get Legal Help
It may be challenging to get the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident in Florida. If that is the case, you need to consider getting legal help. A lawyer will be able to assist you in getting what you deserve, and they will take care of everything while you recover from the accident.