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Tearing Down The Stigma Of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Over the last couple of decades, personal injury law has gotten somewhat of a bad rap. The idea that all personal injury cases are nothing more than frivolous attempts at a cash grab has been fueled largely by the media, but the reality is something far different.

In fact, it's important to take some time to tear down the stigma of personal injury lawsuits and get to the harsh truths behind an accident. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at things.

The Heavy Costs Of Injuries

Injuries are more than just painful - they can also be incredibly difficult to recover from financially. Even the kind of cases that get the most derision - hot coffee cases - is no laughing matter. In fact, just recently a woman was awarded $100,000 after being burned by hot coffee from a Starbucks drive through in Jacksonville, Florida.

This wasn't just a simple case of a spilled cup of coffee. The injuries led to more than $15,000 in medical bills and caused scars that will remain on the woman's body for the rest of her life. This is just the latest example of these types of injuries, which often become mocked on late night TV and among social media users who constantly talk about how litigious our country has become.

But think about the costs that can come from an injury like this. You could incur:

  • Heavy medical bills

  • Lost wages due to time missed from work

  • Long-term rehabilitation costs

  • Pain and suffering due to emotional and mental injury

  • And more

Plus, when those costs are suffered on top of the bills that you already have in your normal life, it can lead to real difficulty getting your financial health back on track.

The Problem With Stigmas

While a joke here or there may not be a big deal, the reality is that the stigmas associated with some personal injury cases can create serious problems. Those who are injured may feel that they can't pursue litigation without being mocked or scorned, by media as well as by friends or family members.

This means that they could end up suffering with their injuries and with their financial burdens, just due to the fact that they don’t' want to be made fun of for seeking compensation that they're truly owed. Simply put, seeking compensation is something that deserves consideration from anyone - and is something that can help you put your life back on track.

Knowing The Law

The reality is that if a case is frivolous, it will almost always be thrown out by courts. Stories of crazy claims still hit the news wires from time to time, but those cases that are awarded settlements reach those outcomes because of one simple fact - they deserve the settlement.

Under Florida personal injury law, it must be shown that your injuries were caused by an accident that was itself caused by reckless or negligent actions of another party. Using 'hot coffee' cases as an example, things like coffee that is served hotter than industry standards or that is served in cups with lids that have a tendency to pop off may be considered negligent by the company.

These 'reckless and negligent' rules apply to almost any type of personal injury case, and you will only be able to seek compensation if you have been injured in an accident caused by such actions. To help make sure that you get what you're owed, contacting a personal injury attorney for an initial consultation is a smart first step. Don't let the media stigma stop you from getting the compensation that you deserve and getting your life back on track.