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Swimming Pool Slip Or Trip And Fall Accidents

One of the best things about living in Southwest Florida is we have access to swimming pools year round. Unfortunately the surrounding area of a swimming pool can be very hazardous. With people getting in and out of the water, water can accumulate on the pool deck creating a slippery surface. There are also several tripping hazards If not careful, you can slip on this surface and injury yourself from a fall. So it is important to exercise caution when walking around swimming pools to avoid painful injuries.

Swimming Pool Slip And Fall Hazards

There are several slip and fall hazards to watch out for when at a swimming pool. These hazards can easily lead to serious injury if you are not careful. So before enjoying your time at the pool check for the following:

  • Concrete Decks: Concrete decks, if not textured or stamped, can be a huge slip and fall risk. Not only can water accumulate and pool on the surface, leading to slick condition, but algae often grows on concrete decks increasing the slipperiness.

  • Untreated Patios: Even pool deck materials designed to not be slippery like pavers, natural stone, and even wood, can be slippery if they are not treated with anti-slip coating. So make sure the area around the pool has been treated regardless of the surface.

  • Bathroom Areas: Bathroom areas around swimming pools are usually tiled and between the pool water and the shower water, can be very slippery.

  • Tanning Areas: Tanning lotions and oils are oil-based so they can be very slippery. So anywhere where people are applying suntan lotion or oils can become very slippery.

  • Diving Boards: Diving boards can be made a of slippery plastics and if water accumulates on them are a very dangerous slipping hazard.

Swimming Pool Trip And Fall Hazards

Another concern around swimming pools is tripping hazards. Like slipping hazards, these can be very dangerous if present. So take note of any tripping hazards around the pool:

  • Uneven Pool Deck: The area around swimming pools are wear, warp, and crack overtime. These create uneven surfaces that can easily be tripped over leading to a fall.

  • Pool Decks Under Construction: Pool decks that are under construction may have uneven surfaces and the presence of tools and materials that can be tripped over.

  • Pool Covers: Pool covers are usually attached to anchors around the pool. These anchors can be a serious tripping hazard.

  • Clutter: Pool toys, towels, and bottles of tanning lotion can clutter around pools and lead to some serious tripping hazards.

What To Do If You Have Fallen

Even if you exercise caution around a swimming pool, you can still experience a slip or trip and fall accident. Slip and trip and fall accidents can lead to some serious injuries including sprains, breaks, and traumatic brain injury, so you will most likely need to seek medical attention which means you will have to file a claim against the swimming pool owner to prove liability and collect damages. So you will need hire a good attorney like our experienced professionals at All Injuries Law Firm. With over 30 years servicing the Southwestern Florida region we have represented hundreds individuals in swimming pool injury cases. So we have the knowledge and experience you need. If you’ve been injured in a swimming pool accident, call us today for a free consultation to learn the ways we can help you!