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Stories That Reveal Car Crashes Happen In Fort Myers More Often Than One Might Think

Regardless of where a person lives, they tend to believe vehicle accidents don't happen all that often in their location. Plus, many drivers feel as if they won't be involved in a collision because they practice safe driving habits. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter where people reside or how safe they are behind the wheel; the recklessness or negligence of another operator could lead to a crash in the blink of an eye, including right here in Fort Myers. Just take a peek at some of the recent headlines from our area.

• News-Press – Vehicle Rollover With Injuries In Fort Myers
• NBC2 – One Dead After Crash In North Fort Myers
• Fox 4 – Fort Myers Police Officer Hit By Car While Responding To Call
• Fort Myers Beach Talk – LaBelle Woman Killed In Five-Car Pile-Up On Pine Island Road

The events usually aren't planned as most folks do not want to be involved in an incident. Still, though, sometimes, motorists speed, drive while under the influence of drugs/alcohol or partake in activities that distract them from keeping their eyes on the road. These actions regularly leave other drivers and passengers, who were not at fault, with substantial injuries. Damages frequently include but are not limited to...

• Deep Lacerations, Puncture Wounds
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Partial Or Full Paralysis
• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Loss Of Life

Victims That Escape With Their Lives Intact Typically Have A Long, Expensive Road To Recovery In Front Of Them

Persons involved in severe auto accidents commonly have all sorts of bills piling up. For instance, there are costs associated with doctors, surgeons, an ambulance ride, prescriptions, and more. To make matters worse, the individuals are usually out of work, at least for the time being, as well. Hence, it can become difficult for them to pay for everyday essentials like groceries, fuel to get back and forth to the physician, and various other items. Therefore, paying for medical expenses is entirely out of the question, especially when another party caused the injuries.

Dealing With The Insurance Company Is A Stressful And Overwhelming Process

The only thing that a victim should have to worry about is their recovery. However, when it is hard to keep the lights on at home or feed the kids, they can't help but fret about everything else going on in their life. Insurers don't play fair. The representatives tend to drag their feet and give people the runaround when it comes to giving them a check for their damages.

In many cases, the insurance company will even offer a low ball settlement. All of these tactics are designed to accomplish one thing, and one thing alone, which is to prevent the organization from paying out a fair amount of compensation. Luckily, Fort Myers residents don't have to face this situation alone. Our accident lawyers know all of these tricks and have been representing citizens in the area for more than 30-years. The entire team will be more than happy to do the same for you.

How Can Hiring An Attorney Help?

The professional will begin by identifying all liable parties as there could be more than one. Then, the firm will obtain witness statements, police reports, cell phone records, security camera footage, and more to build the most persuasive case possible. The lawyer will fight on your behalf to get you the fair amount of compensation that you need and deserve. So, don't delay any longer. Instead, contact our office at 941-625-Hurt and schedule your free case review today.