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Stop For Red - Red Light Runner Critically Injured On Cochran Blvd.

Port Charlotte has been growing by leaps and bounds lately and that's great for our local economy, however, it's not so great for our traffic.

Along with the increase in stores, businesses and neighbors we are getting a large increase in vehicles on the road.

With all the extra traffic some may get impatient when driving and decide to run the light to save a few minutes of their day - this can have life-altering consequences.

Recently a red light runner injured another driver and was critically injured himself, after driving through a red stoplight at Peachland and Cochran near the Home Depot in Port Charlotte. So please be patient, slow down a little, and remember to Stop On Red.

19-Year Old Woman Injured After Being Hit By Red Light Runner In Port Charlotte

A release from the Florida Highway Patrol details an accident that happened Tuesday morning at the intersection of Peachland Boulevard and Cochran Boulevard in Port Charlotte.

The crash took place as a 72-year-old man from Port Charlotte was driving a pickup truck westbound on Peachland Blvd, approaching a stoplight that just turned red at the intersection with Cochran Boulevard.

As the driver of the pickup truck approached at speed, a 19-year-old girl from North Port was driving a sedan heading south on Cochran Blvd., and lawfully entered the intersection with Peachland.

At 6:46:00 AM, the driver of the pickup failed to stop for the red traffic signal and attempted to cross the intersection from Cochran onto Peachland.

The front of the pickup truck collided with the side of the sedan. The impact redirected the pickup truck back across the eastbound lanes of Peachland Blvd. where it crashed into a handrail and traffic signal support before finally coming to a stop.

The driver of the pickup had not been wearing a set belt during the crash and was critically injured and taken to a local hospital.

The 19-year-old woman from North Port sustained minor injuries in the crash, and FHP has stated that the crash remains under investigation.

At All Injuries Law Firm, this is the kind of thing we hope never to see. One careless impatient moment can end or ruin lives. We urge southwest Florida drivers to stop for ALL red lights even if it's late and they think no one else is on the road.

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