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Stop Doing These Things While Behind The Wheel, Or An Accident Will Surely Follow

Driving is something that many people take for granted. Once they learn how to operate a vehicle, it is easy for them to get lax while behind the wheel. Instead of paying attention to the vital task at hand, motorists do all sorts of other things. When they do so, an accident can occur in the blink of an eye. Participants are regularly left with serious injuries that require a substantial amount of time to recover from. Wounds often include...

• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Internal Bleeding And Organ Damage
• Severe Burns And Deep Lacerations
• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Loss Of Life

Although most individuals, including those right here in Florida, don't like to think about death, it is a real possibility with car crashes. Research from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, states that drivers in the United States had 34,247 fatal motor vehicle crashes in 2017. They resulted in 37,133 deaths. With Florida's massive population of 20,984,400 at the time, it is no wonder that the Sunshine State accounted for 2,922 of the wrecks and 3,112 of the deaths.

Hiring a car crash lawyer can prove to be beneficial whether injuries or wrongful death occurs. How can an attorney help? They can use their legal expertise to prove fault and recover compensation for the victim. Our firm has more than 30 years of experience. The team will always fight with your best interests in mind. The initial case review is free, and clients only pay if compensation is recovered. There is nothing to lose and plenty of funds to gain, so contact our office to get the representation that you deserve today.

Actions And Activities To Avoid While Operating A Motor Vehicle

Surf The Web/Text

People have smartphones and other devices that can connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere these days. Unfortunately, that includes inside the car. Teens garner much of the attention when it comes to playing on the phone and driving. However, they are not the only ones as adults partake in the activity too. Whatever the message is or what a person needs to look up, it can wait. If not, they should pull the car over and park in a safe location before accessing the web. Persons that fail to do so will likely find themselves involved in an accident.

Applying Makeup/Shaving

Attempting to drive and put on makeup is a big no-no. Then again, so is shaving and operating a vehicle. With the first option, the individual has to worry about things like jabbing their eye with eyeliner. Should this event occur, the person will have a hard time seeing and their risk of crash increases. Meanwhile, shaving, even with an electric razor, takes the driver's eyes away from the road too. Both actions usually require the operator to look in the mirror at one point or another. In turn, being involved in an accident will probably become a reality.

Laying With Pets In Your Lap

All of us have seen it at least a time or two. Many drivers decide that it is okay for their pooch or cat to ride with them when they go places. There is not necessarily anything wrong with the choice, but when the canine or feline is on the person's lap or shoulder, they can get distracted easily and get into a wreck. If you must take your pet with you while traveling, it is a good idea to keep them inside a carrier. Then, it can be strapped down to keep you and the extended member of the family safe.

Rubberneck Or Stare At An Accident

It is not uncommon for people driving by an accident scene to look a little too closely at the situation. After all, humans are curious, and they want to see what happened or if they can help. However, if emergency personnel are already on the scene, they have things under control. By staring at the event, you may inadvertently drift into another lane and sideswipe somebody else's vehicle. It is also possible for you to miss the traffic stopping in front of you. If you don't brake, a rear end collision will be in your future.