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Steps To Follow For A Successful Slip And Fall Case

The steps taken immediately after suffering a slip and fall case will serve as the building blocks of your case. For this reason, it’s important to know what to do if you plan to seek compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered. Slip and fall cases can lead to painful, difficult, and sometimes life-altering injuries, and when caused by a property owner’s negligence, could lead to a settlement for the injured party. The steps to follow for a successful slip and fall case are:

• Seek medical assistance – Your number one priority should be your health, or the health of a loved one, after suffering a slip and fall. Even if one doesn’t believe they’re injured, soft tissue injuries, in particular, can be invisible immediately following a slip and fall accident. Without seeking immediate medical attention, any injuries suffered may not be considered when seeking compensation later on.

• Report your accident – As soon as possible, your slip and fall accident should be reported to the property or landowner responsible for the property your accident was on. The details of the accident should be recorded, and a copy of this report provided to you by the landlord or property owner.

• Document each step of the process – Seeking medical attention, making a report, talking to witnesses – each step of the injury evidence collection process should be documented thoroughly and these documents kept safe. Photos should be part of this documentation, and these should include both your injuries and the area in which the accident occurred. If hazards were present and caused your slip and fall, the hazards in question should be documented as quickly as possible before a property owner removes them from the premises.

• Decline providing statements to anyone but your attorney – In the days and weeks following the incident, the property owner or landlord may ask you for statements regarding your slip and fall. It’s important to limit or completely avoid making any statements on the accident to others, on your social media accounts, or to anyone but medical personnel if necessary and your personal injury attorney.

• Keep in touch with your attorney – Your southwest Florida personal injury attorney will be your lifeline to a settlement following a Florida slip and fall accident. These types of cases can be complex and difficult to prove, which makes an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer a valuable resource to have on your side.

What Will My Attorney Do For Me?

Your Florida personal injury attorney will do a great deal for you following your slip and fall accident. Your documentation process will be streamlined and made simple, all paperwork will be handled, and you’ll be kept in the know regarding your settlement and when it may be expected from a property owner or insurance provider. If your slip and fall accident cased a life-altering injury, and your case goes to trial, your personal injury attorney will be there to represent you and your case in court.

Building a successful case after a slip and fall will take several steps, but all are worthwhile when your injuries are finally compensated. If you’ve been in a slip and fall accident and you’re looking for an attorney to represent your case, contact us and see what we can do at today.