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Stay Safe On Florida Roads With These 3 Pedestrian Safety Tips

Florida always seems to be full of pedestrians. You would be hard-pressed to drive down just about any road and not see someone walking. Why is that? Well, it could have something to do with the Sunshine State being a tourist destination, but that can't be all of it. Sure, visitors are hitting the streets with their sneakers on, but citizens who live here can also be found stepping from place to place. 

Maybe it's the weather here. After all, who doesn't like to get out and about, letting the warm sun touch their skin? It really does not matter why pedestrians are everywhere in Florida. The point is that they are. Are you one of them? Yes, well, that's good. Walking, jogging, and running are excellent ways to exercise. The activities can burn fat, increase stamina, and help keep health issues at bay.

Being a pedestrian can also save a person a lot of dough. Think of all the savings to be had from not buying fuel, auto insurance, or paying a car note. There are plenty of great reasons to walk from point A to point B. However, before lacing up your kicks and taking off, you should know some things.

Florida's roadways are full of cars, commercial trucks, and motorcycles too. All it takes is for you to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you could be struck by one of them. That can leave you hurt, out of work, and struggling to get by, but you may be able to do something about it. If the driver was negligent in some way, you could file a lawsuit against them to fight for compensation. Going it alone can be a tall order, but thankfully, Floridians don't have to face these situations independently. 

Instead, they can hire a personal injury lawyer from our firm to represent them. The initial case evaluation is free, and our clients only pay when they win, so if a driver's negligence leaves you injured, please, don't hesitate to give us a call. We will attempt to kick pedestrian accidents to the curb here today, though. Therefore, interested parties should stick around to learn about three safety tips.

Wear Clothing That Makes You Visible

Pedestrians walking around during the day or at night should wear bright clothing. They shouldn't be afraid to get creative and let their unique styles shine. The objective is for drivers to be able to see them without any difficulty. Your outfit needs to grab their attention and tell them to watch out.

Use A Sidewalk Whenever Possible

If a sidewalk is where a person is walking, they should use it because that is what it is there for. Yes, a car could jump the curb and strike them, but they are safer on the walkway than the road. Don't fret if there isn't a sidewalk. You don't have to put off your trip. However, it is a good idea to walk facing traffic. Also, pedestrians should stay as far away from vehicles as possible when walking, jogging, or doing whatever near cars.

Stay Alert And Don't Use Electronic Devices

Drivers aren't the only people that can get distracted by cell phones. Pedestrians can become lost looking at their screens, reading texts, or surfing the web. Heck, for that matter, a person walking around taking calls and talking can lose their train of thought as well. Pedestrians need to keep their heads on swivels. If they fail to do so, their lives could be changed dramatically in the blink of an eye.

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