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Stay Safe While Driving A Supercar

Not many people have the kind of money you need to own a supercar. This class of vehicles includes extremely powerful sports cars designed by specialty manufacturers that only make a few hundred of each model per year, and they all come with a six-figure price tag (sometimes seven). As such, the only owners tend to be the very wealthy and car lovers who are willing to save up for the purchase.

However, you can also find a few places that rent out supercars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, especially in a state like Florida where millions of vacationers visit every year. However, when you’re driving something that expensive and that powerful, the rules of the road are more important than ever. Be sure to remember everything you know about defensive driving when you’re on the highway or in the city, and keep in mind that supercars bring their own challenges.

Remember You’re Driving A Wide-Body Car

Most supercars are wider than the average sedan or SUV. This is because a wider body with the wheels set farther apart is more stable, especially when taking curves. However, this also means your car fills up that much more of the lane and puts you that much closer to the cars on either side. You should also keep this fact in mind when you go looking for a place to park, and unless your vehicle has an automatic parking feature you should try to avoid parallel parking spots.

Don’t Let Loose On Public Roads

Whether you’re in a speedy McLaren or a simple Ford, you should always obey the speed limit and the other rules of the road. Not only could you get pulled over and ticketed, you also increase your odds of ending up in an auto accident. That’s not something you want no matter who’s fault it is, especially when you’re driving something as expensive as a supercar.

If you want to see what your supercar can really do, keep in mind that Florida has several speedways and tracks where you can drive as fast as you feel comfortable. The tracks aren’t always open to the public, but when they are they can be a very nice excuse to pull out all the stops and see what your machine can do.

The Ground Clearance Is Near Zero

Another way that supercars improve their performance is by lowering the vehicle and leaving little ground clearance underneath. This helps improve downforce by having all the wind go across the top and push the vehicle down. However, this also means that the front undercarriage will hit just about everything if you decide to leave a driveway that’s just a little too steep. This can cause some pretty big dents and scratches, so either protect that part of the vehicle with a skid plate, get an adjustable suspension that can change the ride height, or find ways to avoid those driveways.

Keep In Mind That You’re An Attention Grabber

You don’t see exotic, expensive vehicles on the road every day, and there are plenty of drivers and pedestrians who are so interested in supercars that they tend to stop what they’re doing and stare. Depending on what they were doing, you could end up in a spontaneous photo op or you could end up causing an accident. If you don’t want that accident to involve your car, you should make sure you keep an eye on the road even if no one else is.

If you do end up in an accident with a supercar, whether you’re driving it or someone else is, you should contact a local auto accident lawyer like the staff of All Injuries Law Firm. The extra costs of a supercar can be astronomical, and your premiums will go up to match if you have to pay for its repairs. Our lawyers do their best for clients throughout Southwest Florida, and we always do our best to provide the best settlements possible.