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Stay Safe And Free Of Personal Injuries This Hunting Season By Avoiding These Products

Whenever a person reads or hears the word recall, their mind likely drifts to an image of a car with an airbag failure. The reason is, over the past decade, or so, the Takata corporation has garnered much of the attention. However, items that many of us utilize every day can also affect one's livelihood. Take cell phones for instance. The days of pay phones and pagers are gone, and it is difficult to find a traveler without a device by their side. Smartphones are essential for accessing information at the touch of a screen. Technology has touched our lives in ways that never before seemed possible. Therefore, it stands to reason that the accessories of these products sustain substantial use.

Overheating electrical charges can start a fire, leave behind different degrees of burns on the skin, and even pose an electrocution risk to consumers. Something as simple as recharging your battery could have lasting negative consequences, and on occasion lead to a wrongful death. This example shows that personal injuries can happen anytime, anywhere, and with items that most of us do not view as being dangerous. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a negligent act that caused an injury, and live in Ft. Myers, or another surrounding location, contact our personal injury lawyer to discuss your options.

Our firm has the experience and the monetary means to take cases the distance if need be, but often, fair settlements are obtained, without having to get in front of a jury. The team goes the extra mile to provide you with a professional encounter, in an atmosphere that is comfortable and homey. Insurance companies and the other firms try to discredit injuries, establish user fault, and even attempt to low ball compensation amounts at every chance that they get. Utilize our personal injury lawyer and put a proven commodity in your corner to fight for you.

Recall Info That Can Prove To Be Beneficial For Hunters And Archery Enthusiasts Alike

Guns are a hot topic of conversation right now, but they are not the only weapon that poses a danger to users. Bows, knives, swords, and other weaponry can inflict lasting damage, which in many cases is irreversible. Precision Shooting Equipment issued recall number 18-038 for approximately 17,000 crossbow models. The units in question include...

• Fang XT – with the serial numbers 01295CY and 01295S2
• Thrive – with the numbers of 01312CY
• Fang LT – with the serial numbers of 01303CY, 01303MG, and 01303S2

The organization has received reports over six accounts of the crossbows firing unexpectedly. Luckily, no injuries have been recorded. These products were sold nationwide from October 2016 through August 2017, so they can be virtually anywhere by now. Be sure to check your weapon before heading out to the deer camp this year to avoid accidents and personal injuries

Arctic Cat has issued a recall for 2017 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail SE and Wildcat Sport SE ROVs with winch solenoids. There are only 300 potentially affected vehicles, but an additional 3,000 winch accessory kits are too. The company has received 49-counts of winch solenoid failures, five of which, resulted in fires. No personal injuries have been reported to Arctic Cat, but owners should contact the customer service department at 800-279-6851, while referencing recall number 18-037, to obtain the most relevant information