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Stats That Show Florida Roadways Are Not Always The Safest Place To Be

There are a lot of good things that come with living in The Sunshine State. For one, citizens are not too far from the beach in any direction. Hence, it is no problem for them to head out for a day of fun in the sun. Plenty of attractions are usually nearby as well, which means a quick drive will take care of all a person's entertainment needs.

Plus, Florida is a hot spot destination for tourists. The people ensure that residents have loads of job opportunities to choose from and help the state's economy thrive. Of course, just like any other place, there are some issues that Floridians have to deal with too. For instance, each new hurricane season tends to strike fear in folks as it is anybody's guess as to when the next big storm will hit our coastline.

Additionally, there are tons of people within close proximity of one another as Florida's population stands at around 21-million or so. By all means, there is nothing wrong with this number as the state has enough of this and that to offer. However, when tons of cars are located in one place, accidents are sure to happen from time to time. According to an article published on, the 2014 census revealed that there were 14.2 million registered vehicles in Florida.

That number has likely risen since then, so, the risks of becoming involved in a collision are higher than they were in that year. Sometimes, the events are minor fender-benders that only result in minor property damage. On other occasions, the situations are much more catastrophic. Interested parties should stay here and read on to learn more.

View These Statistics Before Hitting The Open Road

In 2017, IIHS and HLDI reported that there were 34,247 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States. Those incidents caused 37,133 people to lose their lives. Florida accounted for 2,922 of the wrecks and 3,112 of the deaths. These figures show the importance of paying attention and following the rules while behind the wheel. Negligent and reckless acts that often lead to collisions include speeding, talking/texting on the phone, and drowsy or impaired driving. Not every crash's outcome is death though.

A report from Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles states that there were 166,612 injury crashes in 2017. The episodes resulted in 254,310 injuries and 20,380 incapacitating injuries. Numbers like these and the ones mentioned above reveal how dangerous The Sunshine State's roadways truly can be.

Common Wounds Associated With Auto Accidents

No car crash is the same. As such, injuries will vary on a case by case basis. They can range from minor scrapes and bruises to loss of limbs and full paralysis. Whiplash, broken bones, organ damage, and burns can become part of the equation as well. Not to mention, an individual's mental health can be affected by the wreck as he or she can experience feelings of overwhelming anxiety afterward. Unfortunately, there are way too many possibilities to list here.

Hire An Accident Attorney To Seek Compensation For The Damages

One thing is for certain; if a driver or passenger sustains severe injuries in a car crash, they will have various recovery expenses. Persons have to pay for doctor visits, surgeries, medications, and more. Plus, they usually experience lost wages as they are unable to work.

Therefore, when another motorist is responsible for the damages, the victim will want to put a proven, reputable law firm on their side. Our accident attorney has over 30-years of service under his belt, which means he knows the ins and outs of the complex Florida legal system. So, give the office a call today to schedule your free case evaluation and find out where your claim stands.