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SSDI Application: The Interview Questions You Should Expect

A disabling condition does not only affect a person physically and mentally. It can also affect the financial aspect of an individual’s life. That is where Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) comes in.
The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers SSDI to qualified individuals to help them financially. You can apply for these benefits via phone, mail, online, or in person.
After the application, you will have a scheduled interview. The SSA may do this interview over the phone. They may also ask you to personally visit a local SSA office near you.
It is important to be available for your appointment. You should also be prepared for the interview. 

Preparing for the Questions

Whether it is your first time applying or are going through an appeal, the process to claim SSDI benefits can be overwhelming. However, getting these benefits can provide you with assistance as you try to overcome the financial impact of being disabled or having a family member with a disability. You can get monthly support to ensure that you and your family can afford your basic needs.
To help you go through the interview smoothly, it is important to prepare for possible questions that the agency may ask you. Generally, the disability interview aims to gather information to help the SSA assess your situation and determine whether you have a valid claim.
While the questions may vary, there are some questions you can expect. Most of these are related to your condition. 
Here are some examples:
• When did your condition turn into a disability?
• How do we contact your doctors?
• When do you see your doctors? What are the dates of your visits?
• What types of medications are you currently taking?
• What medical treatments are you getting?
• Have you undergone any medical tests? What are they?
If you are scheduled for an in-person interview, it is best to bring all medical records and other related documents. This way, you can show them to the interviewer should they wish to review your records. 
If you are going to have a phone call interview, then keep these documents nearby. In doing so, you get easy access in case you need to check certain information.
Aside from medical-related questions, the interviewer will also likely ask about your job history. Prepare for the following:
• When did you last work? What date?
• What is your employment history in the past 15 years?
• How much was your salary? 
• How often did you get paid in your last work?
When talking about your employment history, you may need to talk about all the job titles you held. You may also have to tell the interviewer the number of hours and the days you had to work. 
The interviewer may also ask for other information related to your financial situation. Here are some possible questions:
• Who and how many people currently live with you? 
• What are your regular household expenses?
• Where do you get your income?
• Do you have a spouse? What is their source of income?
• Do you have a car?
• Do you have investments?
Finishing the disability interview does not automatically mean that you will be getting benefits. you need to submit proper documentation to the SSA. These include a comprehensive application form.
The SSA will assess your case. If your application gets denied, do not lose hope. You may be able to appeal your case. Consult a social security disability lawyer
An attorney can provide you with the best advice to help increase your chances of getting approval for your claim. They can also help prepare the documentation necessary to support your case. 
If you are from Port Charlotte, then All Injuries Law Firm may be the right service provider for you.

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