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Social Security Refusal Isn’t A Final Decision

For some people, applying for social security disability insurance, or SSD, is a comparatively simple process. If a worker suffers a clear, debilitating, life-long injury that makes it difficult or impossible to receive gainful employment, this is the exact reason that SSD was created. It is unfair for someone to receive a permanent injury as a result of responsibly doing a job, and having a future forever crippled because of that. SSD ensures that people in this position are not financially punished for simply doing a job and provides the income necessary to continue to live an honest life.

However, for others, an injury at work may not as obvious as something like the loss of a limb, or sight. Some conditions, such as fibromyalgia are permanent muscular injuries, but they are inconsistent, coming and going unpredictably. It can mean a person appears able bodied one moment, but is then unable to complete even simple physicals tasks the next. These more ambiguous injuries may garner more skepticism during an application for social security, and may even result in a refusal.

But just because an application for social security is refused, it doesn’t mean that you no longer have SSD options. In fact, these refusals can be appealed, but this isn’t necessarily something you want to undertake yourself.

We Can Help

The Florida Social Security system can be complex and difficult to negotiate. But if you live in Fort Meyers, Port Charlotte, Englewood, or other parts of Sarasota or Charlotte county, you don’t have to do this alone. Making an appeal with an expert social security lawyer at your side will make things much faster and more efficient. More importantly however, you will have someone with you that understands the system, and can explain to you exactly what is happening, what needs to be done, and how things will develop in order to get a more favorable ruling.

Social security disability insurance should not be difficult to get, especially for people that genuinely need it, but unfortunately, sometimes this really is the case. A combination of the complexities of Federal and state law, along with years tweaking to a system to avoid exploitation and prevent people from unjustly collecting “free money” from the government has created a large, often difficult bureaucratic apparatus.

In the same way that many people trust an expert accountant to handle the nuances of tax law, your best chance of success at winning an appeal is to bring in a social security legal expert. This way, there are no unpleasant surprises, and you get good guidance every step of the way, avoiding critical mistakes that could cost you a successful appeal. If you’re in a situation where you know you can no longer seek and hold gainful employment, and you have been denied social security disability insurance, come to us with your concerns. We can hear you out, weigh the merits of your case, and help take the necessary steps to file an appeal and get your claim successfully put through.