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Social Security Disability In Florida And How It Works

Florida and southwest Florida are known as tourist vacation spots and retirement destinations. It's a beautiful place and the weather is fantastic to enjoy once you have finally finished your time in the workforce. That may come when you have worked all the years you needed to without injury or illness. Or that may come when you doctor tells you that you are unable to go back to work due to medical restrictions. You have worked your whole time paying into the Social Security Disability, so now what?

Social Security Disability Qualifications

Like most other government regulated programs, they are going to need to prove that you qualify for the SSDI that you are seeking. Unfortunately, just because your doctor has informed you that you are disabled doesn't mean that you will get the appropriate compensation for that or qualify for the SSDI. Social security lawyers can help you qualify and understand the social security process.

To qualify for SSDI one must be determined by the Social Security Administration to have:

  • Your ability to perform basic work activities such as walking, standing, sitting lifting, pushing, pulling, or understanding, carrying out or remembering simple instructions.

  • Your medical condition must be severe enough to significantly limit your ability to perform basic work activities.

  • Meet a medical listing under the categories of impairments based on evaluation.

  • Determine whether or not you can perform the work that you have done in the past despite your disease. If Social Security finds that you can do your past work, your benefits will be denied. If you can’t do your past relevant work then the process will proceed to the fifth and final step.

  • Review of your age, education, work experience and physical/mental condition to determine whether or not there is other work, if any, you can perform.

If it is determined that you were making $10,010 per month as an employee you will be disqualified from receiving disability. Clearly this evaluation and approval process are not cut and dry, there are some complications with the application that will require a specialist to help you.

Social Security Lawyers

A social security attorney will be helpful in the scenarios that fit in the gray areas of the process. When a doctor has deemed you disable for work but the application process has proven otherwise, you will need assistance. Even the completion of the application or questions about qualification can be taken care of by an attorney. There can be things you haven't thought of that will help prove your need for the disability compensation. Documentation and reporting of medical conditions is important not only from your doctor but from your experience, especially when it happens in the workplace. Seizures, episodes and attacks should always be documented in order to help prove their effect on your ability to complete your work effectively.

With all the information and concerns you will be able to sit down with a social security lawyer and get the best application an process started to get your on your way to a sustainable life without work.