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Small Recall Information Deserves Some Attention Too

The chances are that if you have looked on social media or turned on the television, you have heard about the controversies and discrepancies that have to do with automotive air bags. That is good because important information was passed along to you, the consumer, in a way that stuck in your head. It is important to note that some of the smaller automotive related recalls can just as easily increase your risks of sustaining an injury or becoming involved in a crash as a bigger recall.

Small In Potentially Affected Units

Honda is expected to issue a recall in June on a potential 16 affected models, and yes, that is a one and a six, and not a misprint. Although the number is small, and the chances of you being affected are slim, it could still happen. The process is supposed to begin on June 5th and includes…

  • Certain 2015-2016 Honda CR-V vehicles having recently had a replacement engine installed

The pistons that were installed in the engine may have been the wrong ones required for that particular engine. This can affect engine performance and may even cause engine failure. More than likely, it will just leave you with a broken down car, but if the engine fails while you are driving, it increases your risks of being involved in a crash. A stalled out vehicle in the middle of a busy intersection, or freeway, not only poses a threat to the driver of that car, but it also endangers anyone else on the road.

Honda will notify owners, or owners can contact their customer service for further information. The recall number that you will need to refer to upon calling is KF6. Once all of the preparations have been made, certified dealers will inspect and replace the components at no charge to you. Remember, just because the potentially affected units number is low, does not mean that this recall is less dangerous to you.

Volkswagen Group of America is issuing a recall in May, and the number 37K6 can be referred to when contacting their customer service department. There are 5 potential affected units involved, and your chances of being affected are highly unlikely, but still, there is always the possibility that it could affect you. The affected vehicles include…

  • Certain 2017 Audi Q5 vehicles

There is a manufacturing defect having to do with the gearbox. After placing the gear shift in the park position, the vehicle may continue to roll if the parking brake is not applied. This increases your chances of becoming injured or involved in an accident. This is dangerous for drivers and passengers of this vehicle, as well as other drivers and pedestrians in the immediate area. Audi is supposed to contact owners, but you can also contact their customer service for further information.

Low In Numbers But Equally As Dangerous

Just because these recalls do not involve hundreds or thousands of vehicles, does not mean that residents should not be made aware of them. If you are involved in an accident with a vehicle that has a recall issued on it, you may be entitled to compensation. We will always fight for you with your best interests in mind. We have been representing residents in southwest Florida for over 30 years with positive results. If given the opportunity, we would be more than happy to assist you in these stressful times.