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Slip And Fall Risks In The Autumn Season

Slip and fall accidents happen throughout the year. More than 1 million Americans will enter emergency rooms during any given year to address injuries they sustained during a slip and fall. While tripping over an uneven sidewalk or on a store floor might seem like no big deal to many, it quickly becomes one when they experience a hard fall themselves. Slip and fall accidents can lead to broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries with life-altering consequences. Each season presents its own unique risks when it comes to slip and fall accidents, and it’s best to keep those in mind as the seasons transition throughout the year.

With summer coming quickly to a close, autumn is tight on its heels. While summer slip and fall accidents may stem from slippery, wet concrete near fountains or pools, uneven pavement concealed by bright sunlight, or fresh asphalt after a rainstorm, those that occur in autumn may have different causes. A few slip and fall accident risks most common during the season are:

• Fallen Branches – During the transitional period of autumn, strong storms are certainly not rare in Florida. Hurricanes and strong storms wreak havoc during the late summer and early fall months, which may lead to fallen branches on walkways and properties all over the state. A single fallen branch can become a dangerous obstacle on pathways, leading to a devastating slip and fall accident.

• Wet Leaves – The fall season is when trees begin dropping their leaves onto Florida lawns, walkways, and streets. After a rain, wet leaf piles can become particularly hazardous. Walking along on a property with un-raked leaves after a storm can lead to a slip and fall accident in a matter of seconds. Wet leaves on roadways can cause serious auto accidents as well.

• Shorter Days – The days begin to grow shorter in the fall season, and this means that darkness comes earlier as the season goes on. Taking those after-dinner walks can become dangerous if you cannot clearly see the ground underneath your feet. If a property owner fails to clean up debris on their walkways during this time, and a passerby or visitor slips and falls on the debris due to a lack of lighting, they could become the victim of a slip and fall accident. It’s important to keep all the parts of your property well lit and hazard-free during the fall season.

• Hazardous Décor – Halloween seasonal décor is incredibly popular during the fall season, but it can become dangerous. It can be blown over and moved in ways that present a hazard to those on the property. It’s important to keep walkways clear and decorations looked after to ensure that no injuries occur throughout the Halloween holiday season.

No matter the time of year, nobody wants to be involved in a slip and fall accident. If you are injured in one, however, it’s important to have the law on your side. Contact us at All Injuries Law Firm, P.A. today to see what we can do for you and your slip and fall injury case.