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Slip and Fall Accidents in the Workplace

When in the workplace, it is important that you understand the risk factors that could potentially cause a slip and fall accident and find ways you can prevent this from happening. While there may be signs and other warnings listed around the workplace, do these really do much in the way of helping to prevent this type of accident from occurring in the first place?

Potential Slip and Fall Hazards

Many things can contribute to slip and fall accidents in the workplace including:

• Lubricant or other substances being spilled on the floor
• Water on flooring that is non-porous or sealed
• Water left over from mopping
• Obstructions on the walkway
• Stairs and Steps
• Other uneven surfaces

Falls are one of the leading causes of more serious work-related injuries and even death. They are also more prevalent in certain industries over others. For example, slip and falls are more frequent in:

• Construction
• Healthcare
• Retail stores
• Warehouses

What Happens After a Slip and Fall?

If you were unfortunate enough to get injured while at work, then you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries. Workers compensation insurance is coverage the employer provided for their employees in case they are hurt while at work.

Workers compensation will help cover the medical expenses following the accident as well as the time missed from work due to the injuries sustained. However, if the employee collects workers compensation benefits, they are restricted from suing the employer for any further damages and compensation.

Immediately following the incident, you should seek medical attention for any injuries, inspect the scene in which it happened and take photos. Find any witnesses that may have seen what happened and then make an official report about the incident.

It is important to gather up as much evidence as you can to show that the accident did occur at the workplace and it happened due to unsafe conditions. If you will not be going through workers compensation and would instead rather sue the employer for the injuries, then you will need to expertise of an attorney to help guide you through the process.

Slip and fall cases can be extremely complex and hard to prove at times which is why you need the resourcefulness of an attorney on your side to help you.

Preventing Slip and Falls at the Workplace

Many things can be done when trying to prevent slip and fall accidents at work. If you see a spill, make sure that it is cleaned up immediately. Additionally, you should keep all walkways, entrances, and exits free of clutter and debris and other obstructions that can contribute to accidental falls.

You should also make sure no cords or cables are littering the floor that can easily be tripped over if they are not noticed and make sure each room is adequately and properly illuminated.

Wet floor signs are also a common precaution people take in the workplace, and it is a good way to alert people to the possibility of a wet and slippery floor. Having mats and rugs in strategic areas can also help cut down on the amount of slip and fall accidents that can happen in the workplace.