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Why Should You Hire An Accident Attorney After A Crash In Florida?

So, you got into an accident in Florida where someone else was clearly at fault. They have insurance, so the costs of your damages should be covered. However, the insurer elects to deny the claim. Now what?

When people get severely injured in car crashes, financial hardships often enter the picture. Some of the top reasons why that is will be discussed in the following sections. 

Lost Wages

The injuries people sustain in Florida car crashes vary. They include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and about a million other things in-between. When accident victims get hurt badly in incidents, they sometimes cannot do much of anything, even work. 

Then, they don't earn paychecks and lose wages. Thus, it's easy to see how money issues can arise after wrecks. So, if an insurance company won't pay and you have the right to compensation, it's time to lawyer up.

Medical Bills

Money issues can also come into play after accidents because of the medical care injuries require. Obviously, people have to pay different amounts depending on what they have done. However, this stat should give you an idea of what expenses could fall into your lap after a crash when an insurer won't pay. According to, $2,607 was the average hospital cost per day across the United States in 2020. 

With prices like that, individuals/families can blow through their savings in a hurry. Meanwhile, those without savings can find themselves in debt up to their ears. Hire a personal I jury attorney when an insurer denies your claim. They'll fight for the compensation you deserve.

Property Damage

Of course, we can't forget about property damage. If you get into a collision with a negligent driver, there's a good chance that your car will sustain damage or get totaled. If the responsible party's insurance denies your claim, that's going to leave you in charge of covering car repair or replacement costs out of pocket. 

Think again if you don't believe those prices will be all that bad.

According to Consumer Affairs, an engine replacement alone starts at around $4,000. Then, as far as buying a new vehicle is concerned, that can leave you feeling like you're spending a small fortune these days.

Research from Kelley Blue Book states that in August of 2022, the average new car cost in America stood at $48,301. So, don't be left on the hook for property damage you didn't cause. Rather, put a personal injury attorney in your corner to recover restitution from an insurer that denies your claim.

Final Expenses

Unfortunately, death is another outcome associated with auto aCcidents. In 2020 alone, the FLHSMV reported there were 3,098 fatal crashes responsible for 3,332 fatalities across Florida. Thus, a loved one could be involved in a crash and lose their life, leaving you in charge of their final expenses. That may not sound like a very big deal, but if the person doesn't have life insurance, it could turn into one, financially speaking.

For instance, if you're left to cover the cost of a funeral and burial, you could be looking at $7,000 or more.

Many Americans don't have that much put back, so don't feel alone if you fall into that category. You could always take out a loan and go into debt, but if negligence played a role in the crash, and an insurer denies the claim, a personal injury lawyer may be able to recover compensation to help you avoid that fate. Contact All Injuries Law Firm to schedule a free case evaluation today. 

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