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Safe Driving Tips For Parents And Teens

Most kiddos can't wait to hit the ripe old age of 16. They can obtain their license and get a little bit of freedom from their parents. However, mothers, fathers, and other guardians are not quite as excited about the event. Although they have raised upstanding, responsible young adults, they also know that they will have constant worries about the safety and well-being of their little ones. Unfortunately, these anxieties and concerns never go away, no matter the kiddo's age, so parents must think outside-of-the-box to ensure that their children are prepared for whatever life throws at them on the roadways.

After all, an accident can happen at any time, and on many occasions, the incident is not even the teen driver's fault. Unfortunately, when crashes do occur, they are anything but forgiving. Common injuries that people sustain from wrecks include...

• Burns, Cuts, Bruises
• Fractured And Broken Bones
• Brain Injuries
• Paralysis
• Loss Of Life

If you or your teen driver receive injuries from an auto accident, you may be entitled to a fair compensation amount if it can be proven that another driver acted negligently or recklessly. For more than 30-years, our firm has been committed to helping Florida's injured. Feel free to give the office a call or contact us via the website for a free consultation. We represent residents across southwest Florida including the areas of...

• Fort Meyers, Venice, Sarasota
• North Port, Punta Gorda, Arcadia
• Port Charlotte And Englewood

Recovering from the injuries can become quite costly. Along with property damage, there will also be a substantial amount of doctor, emergency room, physical therapy, and prescription bills. Don't get taken advantage of in your time of need, and do not be left paying for expenses that were another party's fault. Instead, put a respectable commodity on your side, and get the legal assistance that you deserve.


Suggestions To Make Commutes Safer


1. Teach The Importance Of Not Driving Under The Influence

Teachers, parents, and counselors have been teaching kids not to drink and drive for generations. Today, there are many other things that parents have to worry about besides alcohol. Marijuana use is now accepted throughout most societies, and vaping has become a norm. Opioids and other pills are readily available too. Therefore, parents must make a more significant effort than ever before to inform kiddos of these dangers. Don't expect schools to teach students about the threats. Instead, talk with your teens about the risks to prevent them from making life-altering mistakes.

2. Turn The Headlights On

Many new model cars have running lights that automatically illuminate as soon as the vehicle is started. However, not all families can afford these units, so teach your kiddos the value of flipping the switch. The headlights are essential for the early morning hours and at dusk, but they can increase the car's visibility at any time, so turning the lights on can prove to be a beneficial practice.

3. Obey Speed Limit And Other Warning Signs

Firstly, just teaching teen drivers to obey signs is not enough. Parents must lead by example and show children that they follow the laws too. It can be tempting to keep up with traffic on highways, roads, and side-streets, but parents and teens need to evade the temptation because speeding increases their risk of being involved in a crash. Plus, receiving numerous speeding tickets will cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket, so avoid the action whenever possible.