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Respect After An Injury And Why A Lawyer Matters So Much

When you are involved in any kind of accident, it can quickly change your life – sometimes forever. Serious injuries caused in an accident can leave you struggling to get back on your feet, and making a full recovery isn’t always easy to do.

Making matters worse is the fact that when those who are hurt in an accident try to seek financial compensation for their injuries, they are often met with an insurance company and legal teams that fight hard to avoid paying you a dollar. When the accident was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else, this can be highly frustrating.


The biggest reason that this occurs is simple – profits. Insurance companies don’t’ want to spend a dollar more than they have to, and avoiding paying you what you may be entitled to save them money in a big way.

The reason they get away with it is even more infuriating, and it comes down to one basic thing – respect. Or rather, a lack of respect. Insurance companies and their legal teams know that those hurt in an accident are struggling to recover and that they are beginning to sink in a sea of debt. But they don’t care, and those struggles are part of why they know they can get away with being so disrespectful to you. They understand that you have little options before you and that your desperation may mean that you agree
to settlements far less than you’re owed.

Your injuries can be expensive, and the other side may do a variety of things to avoid paying you including:

• Stalling or delaying any payment
• Refusing payment
• Claiming you aren’t entitled to anything
• Offering you thousands or even tens of thousands less than you are owed
• Forcing you through endless red tape and paperwork
• And more

In reality, there is only one way to stand up to the other side and get what you’re owed, and that solution is to seek compensation with the help of a Florida personal injury lawyer who will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

The Difference A Lawyer Can Make

When you enlist the help of a personal injury attorney, things change quickly. This is because the other side knows that you have someone on your case that will stand up to hem and their bullying and fight for your rights.

An attorney’s combination of skills, knowledge, experience, education, and tenacity can literally strike fear in the other side. Once you have an attorney, you have respect. This means that those delays, endless loops of paperwork, and lowball settlement offers stop and the other side begins to work on coming to a resolution.

Your odds of settling your case without a lawsuit, settling quickly, and getting a fair settlement amount all increase dramatically when you have a lawyer working for you, and in the end you can expect to come to a conclusion that pulls you out of the chaos and gets your life back on track. Plus, with an attorney on your side you can focus on your physical and mental recovery instead of on the high stress that seeking compensation can bring.

If you’ve been hurt in a Florida accident, you need a Florida lawyer on your side to make sure you get respect and get what you’re owed. Our law office has decades of experience in getting our clients the money they deserve so they can get back on their feet after an accident. Contact us today to get your free initial consultation and learn more about what kind of options you really have.