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Reporting An Injury For Your Workers Compensation Claim

Having a workers’ compensation insurance policy is a must for employers in Florida. This can either be from a private insurance company or self-insurance. Similar to the no-fault state policy in auto accidents, the same goes for workers’ compensation wherein employees can file a claim with or without proof that their employer is at fault for their injuries. As long as the employee is harmed within work premises, they can avail of a workers’ compensation claim.

When filing for workers’ compensation, you have to let management know about your injuries so they can start processing your claim. Here’s how to report your injuries:

Let Your Boss Know About Your Injuries Immediately - In Florida, injured employees are given up to 30 days or a whole month to inform their employers about the injuries they sustained while working. However, this does not mean that you should take your time and wait until the last day to file your claim. The earlier you report your injury, the stronger and more valid your claim will be and the chances of winning it are high.

Include Important Details About Your Injury - The “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how” are important when reporting about your injuries. These pieces of information will make your appeal truthful and convincing. For instance, insurance companies will try to find loopholes in your claim and a little suspicious detail can be turned into grounds for denying the request.

Provide a concise narration of how you got your injuries and what caused them.

Attach Visual Proof - A lot of details can change as time passes, even if it is just mere minutes since an accident happened. Do not forget to document the accident and your injuries if you can. Being able to show exactly how you got injured in the workplace might even be your trump card.

You can take pictures of the place where the accident happened to further prove what happened. The documentation you will provide can help with the investigation if there is a need for one, and it might also help solve other cases.

Get Medical Help - Above all else, your injuries should be treated. Your employers or the company management should be responsible enough to send you off to a doctor who can treat and diagnose you properly. Your treatment and medical records can be used as proof of your injuries and your eligibility for a workers’ compensation claim.

Keep In Touch With A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer - Reporting your injuries to your employer is but one of the first few steps you will take when filing for a workers’ compensation claim. Readying and signing other documents will also be a hassle, especially without guidance. A workers’ compensation lawyer is already familiar with similar cases and can easily lead you towards winning your claim.

Reporting your injuries should be done as soon as you can. Your employers should be responsible for your well-being and should provide you with the assistance you need. If you are having complications with your workers’ compensation claim, reach out to an experienced attorney.

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