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Reasons Why Your Social Security Disability Claim Can Be Denied

It is not unusual for Social Security Disability (SSD) claims to be denied in Florida. Around 70% of these claims are often denied the first time they are filed. The reasons behind denied requests may vary and the possibility of being unable to be granted your claim should not dishearten you from trying again. Wherever you are in the state, whether in North Port, Venice, or Englewood, there is no limit to the number of times you can file for a social security disability claim.

Before everything else, it is important to know the top two reasons why your claims are often denied.

Two Reasons Why SSD Claims Are Denied:

Incomplete Application Forms – The top reason behind denied claims are incomplete applications. When filling out forms and submitting documents, it is important to make sure that you can write all the necessary details. You also have to make sure that the information you are putting in the forms and that the documents you are submitting are correct and updated. Incorrect details will result in inconsistencies and this can cause your applications to be denied easily.

Inconsistent And Incomplete Medical Records – When filing for SSD claims, a consistent medical record and history will help prove your disability.  In particular, you would need more than just your written prescription and a single medical record from when you are hospitalized. Records of regular treatment and checkups, as well as testimonials from your relatives and friends, can help you prove that you are eligible to avail of the SSD claim.

Filing An Appeal

Like we mentioned above, you are free to submit an appeal after your SSD claim has been denied. There are no limited amount of times to do this. The best way to make sure that your appeal is considered and that your application will be approved this time is by doing the following:

▪ Double check your application forms and making sure you did not miss any important details.
▪ Gather enough evidence to prove your disability such as medical records, hospital records, medical prescriptions, and testimonials from doctors, nurses, family members, and friends.
▪ Ask for legal advice and assistance from social security disability lawyers as they can help you navigate through the whole process of filing an SSD application, proving your disability, getting your application approved, and filing for reconsideration if your claim has been denied yet again.

When Should You File An SSD Claim?

Social Security Disability claims are filed when a person’s disability, whether physical or mental, renders them unable to function normally and find employment. SSD claims would usually take months to be processed and approved. It is also a normal occurrence that first-time applications are denied. To increase the chances of your application being approved, getting the help of an experienced SSD attorney from the very start is a smart move.

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