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Raising Awareness: MedicAlert Bracelets Can Save Lives By Helping First Responders

Chances are unless you or someone you know has a significant medical condition, you may have never heard of a MedicAlert Bracelet. However, for millions of Americans, these simple bracelets can be the difference between fast and effective treatment in an emergency or losing a life.

So what exactly is a Medical ID bracelet and how can they help save lives?

The idea for Medical ID bracelets began over 60 years ago after 14-year-old Linda Collins of Turlock, California was treated for a cut on her finger and nearly died from anaphylactic shock. Linda Collins's father was a medical doctor, and together they came up with the simple idea of a bracelet with basic essential medical information for first responders.

Decades later, MedicAlert Bracelets have been helping to protect the lives of people with life-threatening medical conditions across the USA by providing essential, basic medical information.

MedicAlert Awareness Month

As this simple but effective way of protecting people grew it gained the attention of the US Government, and in 1978 President Jimmy Carter declared National MedicAlert Week. Later in 1996 to further expand the use of Medical ID bracelets, State Governors from 25 states proclaimed August as National MedicAlert Awareness Month. Since then National MedicAlert Awareness Month has been promoted every year to expand the usage of MedicAlert Bracelets and contributed to preventing medical mishaps in emergency situations.

Who Should Have A MedicAlert ID Bracelet?

Often during a medical emergency, the patient will be unresponsive, and unable to communicate their needs and risks. MedicAlert IDs are a simple solution for this problem, and important for people with a wide variety of chronic conditions including heart conditions, diabetes, severe allergies, asthma, and many other conditions that EMS personnel should know about. MedicAlert IDs help to inform the first responders about a person’s health conditions which allow them to provide the proper care and information before and after the medics arrive.

The children in your life and the elderly will also find these IDs useful to help them send information about what they should eat or refrain from eating. For this reason, a Medic Alert is also useful for teachers and caretakers. It helps increase awareness of what a person should be exposed to as well, preventing severe life-threatening allergic reactions, especially for young children who may not communicate their issues to adults in a public setting. It is also useful for seniors and the elderly, especially those who may have a cognitive disorder and may not remember their condition.

Those With The Following Conditions Should Wear A MedicAlert ID.

Multiple Sclerosis
Epilepsy, seizures
• Stroke Risks
• Pacemaker
• Drug Allergies
• Children with Special Needs
• Blood Disorders
COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
• Asthma
• Heart Disease
• Autism
• Lung Disease
• Blood Thinners (Coumadin Warfarin)
• Dialysis
Food Allergies
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Anemia
• Alzheimer’s / Dementia

How To Help Your Community Raise Awareness

The most important thing that we can all accomplish is to be more aware of those who wear MedicAlert IDs, and to know what information needs to be included on the bracelet before an emergency. Do not hesitate to answer questions about any existing health conditions if you should be aware of any medical conditions from your patients.

Employers, educators, and other organizations should take time to see if anyone in their sphere of influence has a medical condition or wears a MedicAlert Bracelet.

Understanding how to better deal with patients with various medical conditions in an emergency situation is a great benefit in an emergency, and first responders will utilize the MedicAlert bracelets to provide the correct care without wasting time, or accidentally exposing a patient to an allergen.

We can continue to increase information and knowledge of MedicAlert IDs among all our connections. We can also help them stay alert on medical and health conditions to support all who connect with MedicAlert ID patients and caregivers.

How To Observe MedicAlert Awareness Month

To learn more about the MedicAlert bracelet use #MedicAmertBracelet in social media correspondence. This MedicAlert awareness month was declared by the Medic Alert Foundation, to promote the life-saving qualities of the MedicAlert bracelet. Use social media correspondence to increase awareness of the bracelet this month.

Personal Injury Cases And Medical Alert IDs

Beyond saving lives, by wearing a Medical ID bracelet you may also support your claim during a personal injury lawsuit should malpractice come into play.

All Injuries Law Firm has helped many of our clients in the area of personal injury law for over 30 years. From injuries in accidents to negligence, defective products, and nursing home abuse our law firm has seen hundreds of cases that would benefit from using MedicAlert IDs. If you or a loved one has been injured in any way our experienced lawyers have helped many people across Florida get the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

We represent those who have been injured by another’s negligence whether it was on the road, at work, in public, on the water, or anywhere an injury can occur. These bracelets will increase our ability to assist you if you are injured and using them will be extremely helpful to your legal case. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in any way, call our team at All Injuries Law Firm to work hard to bring a successful resolution to your case. And remember to utilize the help of MedicAlert IDs for you and your loved ones.

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