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Punta Gorda Road Accidents Caused By Traffic Congestion

Cars fill Punta Gorda’s roads for various reasons like rush hour, travel, and errands. With the slow and limited space for movement, you would think that vehicles do not have enough freedom to start or cause an accident. On the contrary, traffic congestion can cause drivers to be more impatient and act recklessly. If you are wondering how heavy traffic can lead to accidents, here are some examples:

• Reckless Driving And Poor Decisions - Drivers who are stuck in traffic for long periods can quickly lose their patience. While some would try to distract themselves or take the time to rest, others would try to find a way to remove themselves from the congestion.

These are often attempted by suddenly swerving or switching lanes, and repeated honking. Sudden movements like hitting the gas or the brakes can affect other vehicles, which can either collide against you or be hit by you. In addition, you should watch out for any signs of road rage.

• Road Hazards - Construction zones and damaged roads can cause heavy traffic. Repairs would occupy a huge chunk of the highway, forcing vehicles to use fewer lanes and thus creating a road bottleneck. This once again limits space and movement, which is dangerous for cars that would try to cut lanes or speed past other vehicles. The limited space can cause them to easily hit other cars.

• Miscalculated Movements - Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, miscalculations can still happen. Congested roads make vehicles do abrupt stops and turns, and when a car accidentally bumps another vehicle, a domino effect can happen. Other miscalculations include suddenly picking up speed, thinking that traffic will now run smoothly, only to suddenly stop upon arriving at another congested area.

• Accidents From Distracted Driving - As drivers try to find ways to occupy their time, they can get distracted. Some would even take the opportunity to read or send a text, make a call, eat and drink, or simply get lost in their own thoughts. The slow traffic movement also lowers their alertness, making their reaction time slower. Distracted driving is dangerous in any situation.

• Lack Of Driving Experience - It is much more challenging to navigate narrow congested roads. Drivers who are new or not used to traffic congestions can find it hard to control their vehicle, resulting in big movements like suddenly hitting the brakes or the gas pedal hard.

What To Do When An Accident Happens?

You may be a careful driver but you cannot say exactly the same as the other cars around you. When an accident happens in a congested area, authorities can take time to arrive and reach your location. In the meanwhile, check for any injuries and damages, and tend to them if you can. Gather evidence by taking photos and videos. Lastly, get in touch with an auto accident lawyer who can help you with your case.

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