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Protecting Yourself From The Most Common Motorcycle Injuries

Between the perfect weather and the flat, clear roads, summer is a great time to ride motorcycles in Florida. Unfortunately though, motorcycles aren’t always safe and sometimes you can get into an accident. So before riding it’s important to understand the different types of motorcycle accident injuries, so you can take extra measures to protect yourself when riding. Here are the most common types of motorcycle injuries and how you can protect against them:

Head Injuries

Head injuries are a serious injury for motorcycle riders. Head injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and head wounds can quickly lead to a fatality. In fact, 22% of all motorcycle accidents lead to a head injury, one third of which prove to be fatal. However, helmets have been proven to be incredibly effective in reducing both head injuries and fatalities. In fact 67% of all head injuries can be avoided by wearing a helmet. So always wear a helmet when riding.

Leg And Foot Injuries

The most common motorcycle injuries are leg and foot injuries. 47% of all motorcycle accidents result in an injury to the leg or foot. Leg and foot injuries are rarely fatal but can lead to serious long-term mobility issues. Armored pants and sturdy boots prevent 53% of breaks and sprains, while they prevent 90% of open wounds. Make sure when you are riding you always wear armored pants and sturdy boots that cover the ankle.

Torso Injuries

The second most common form of motorcycle accident injuries are torso injuries. Torso injuries can cause internal organ damage, spinal column damage, and even paralysis. 23% of all motorcycle accidents lead to internal organ damage and 35% percent lead to spinal injury. The best way to prevent torso injuries is to wear an armored vest or jacket. Armored torso shielding prevents 23% of all breaks and sprains and 63% of all open wound injuries. So always wear armored protective gear on your torso.

Arms, Hands, & Finger Injuries

The second most common injury from motorcycle accidents is injuries to the arms, hands, and fingers. Though rarely fatal, 30% of all accidents result in an arm, hand, or finger injuries These injuries can be reduced by wearing armored jackets, palm sliders, and armored gloves. Protective gear reduces injuries from breaks and sprains by 45% and open wounds by 76%. Make sure to always wear high quality protective gloves and a jacket with armored sleeves when riding.

Road Rash

Road rash is also rarely fatal but is incredibly painful. Road rash happens when a motorcycle rider is thrown from their bike and slides against the concrete, tearing off their skin. Road rash is extremely preventable with good armored gear. 90% of all road rash can be avoided by wearing an armored jacket, pants, and gloves. Most riders believe that jeans and a heavy leather jacket are enough, but if the concrete slide has enough force, it can quickly tear through these materials. If you invest in good riding gear you will be protected against this painful injury.

Motorcycle injuries are no joke. Although if you always wear high-quality, protective riding gear you can prevent many of the most common injuries. However, if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident recently and have sustained serious injury, you should contact the attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys can help you get a fair insurance settlement so you can pay for the proper medical treatment so you can get back on your motorcycle. So call today for a free consultation and see how we can help you.