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Pros And Cons Of Electric Motorcycles For Florida Suncoast Motorcyclists

There is no mistaking the powerful roar of a gasoline-powered motorcycle. You can hear a motorcycle's engine as they drive past you even if you are driving on busy roads like I-75 or Tamiami Trail. Many drivers believe the loud engine noise helps reduce accidents by warning drivers and pedestrians that a motorcycle is there, and to be more cautious around them. However, along with other innovations in the auto industry, there is now a relatively new variety of motorcycles to watch out for: the electric motorcycle.

Electric motorcycles are a relatively new innovation that is considered to be very eco-friendly and offer some advantages to traditional combustion engine motorcycles, but which is better? There are considerable pros and cons to both including factors from noise to new safety features, to ongoing maintenance costs to consider. Along with the new vehicles have come new laws in the works that may soon require noise makers so other drivers and pedestrians can hear electric motorcycles that are nearby. Here is what our research uncovered about the pros and cons of electric motorcycles and how much noise they produce.

The Pros of Electric Motorcycles

Much Less Noise
This one will be a big Pro for some, and a big Con for others depending on what you enjoy about riding a motorcycle. While electric motorcycles do create some noise from the belt or moving over the roadway, they are much quieter than gas-powered motorcycles, especially tricked-out high-performance racing bikes or choppers. If you are looking to enjoy the ride, and not get all that attention you will be able to better take in your surroundings as you ride an electric motorcycle. Though the lack of noise is one of their top selling points, it is one of their most controversial features, especially for riders who like engine noise.

Much Less Vibration
Electric motorcycles in addition top being much quieter are also a much smoother ride than many gas-powered motorcycles. When you ride an electric bike you will be free from the excessive shaking and rumbling motion while stopping on a new electric motorcycle.

Cleaner Power
Electric motorcycles, like electric cars, are powered by new advanced rechargeable batteries rather than combusting gasoline. These batteries are powered by electricity generated by any source available to your power company, in the case of FPL, this includes sunlight from their new solar power plants located throughout Florida.

Less Maintenance
In addition to the potential for a cleaner power source, electric motorcycles also have far fewer parts than motorcycles with internal combustion engines, so they will likely also have far fewer maintenance requirements. Besides the noise, the manufacturers of electric motorcycles discuss the difference in emissions. Gas motorcycles produce greenhouse gases that increase global CO2 levels and trap heat, which contributes to global warming. Electric bikes do not use gasoline, so harmful emissions are not created.

New High-Tech Safety Features
Electric motorcycles also push technology into the future for the safety of the rider. Many manufacturers have taken the opportunity to use electric motorcycle engineering to experiment with new safety features. The same crash alert and avoidance systems found in cars is finding its way into motorcycles. Not only do these systems alert you when there are possible dangers but they store data so that both the rider and the bike can learn from experiences on the road. It is possible to have this same system on a gas bike but it is not as effective as the ones found on an electric motorcycle.

Not Just For Roads Or Civilaians
An unexpected benefit of quiet motorcycles for on and off the road has been discovered by wildlife rangers. Electric motorcycles are now being used by rangers to combat endangered wildlife poaching. Without the noise, the rangers and law enforcement can find poachers more discreetly allowing officers to stealthily patrol locations that were previously inaccessible.

The Cons Of Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are new to the market so their technology is more expensive. Since gas-powered cycles have been around for generations they have a wider variety of price ranges, including motorcycles that are relatively less expensive. However, as technology advances and more people buy new electric motorcycles their prices will drop.

Silent Vehicles Can Be Dangerous
Many new motorcycle enthusiasts like the appeal of a noiseless motorcycle and driving through the city without the distracting loud noise and vibrations of a gas engine are appealing to a new generation of motorcyclists. But, there are dangers to this kind of silence. When people walk along the road they use noise as an indicator of oncoming traffic. You can only imagine the kind of problems a noiseless vehicle can cause. Pedestrians walk along not noticing a vehicle is heading straight for them. As well as other cars not recognizing the noise that the motorcycle produces and watch out for them on the road and highway. On the road a driver may think that it is safe to change lanes only to find that an electric motorcycle is in their way.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that electric motorcycles are dangerous and working out setting minimum noise standards for manufacturers. Although there are risks to electric motorcycles due to their lack of noise they do not produce carbon monoxide or other unwanted emissions and that is a real plus.

Electric motorcycles will ultimately become more popular if for no other reason than with fewer parts eventually they will become more profitable for manufacturers to produce. But there is no doubt that they still pose a danger to pedestrians and drivers due to their safety concerns. Like cars and other vehicles, it is a matter of preference whether you choose a gas or an electric-powered motorcycle. In the end, noise will need to be created by the electric motorcycle manufacturers to help pedestrians and riders warn others that they are on a motorcycle riding close to you.

New Laws By The Pedestrian Safety Act For Sound Requirements May Result In Recalls For Owners
As required by the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act (PSEA) of 2010 this rule proposes to establish a Federal motor vehicle safety standard (FMVSS) setting minimum sound requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles. This new standard would require hybrid and electric passenger cars, light trucks and vans (LTVs), medium and heavy-duty, trucks, and buses, low-speed vehicles (LSVs), and motorcycles to produce sounds meeting the requirements of this standard. This proposed standard applies to electric vehicles (EVs) and to those hybrid vehicles (HVs) that are capable of propulsion in any forward or reverse gear without the vehicle's internal combustion engine operating. This standard would ensure that blind, visually impaired, and other pedestrians are able to detect and recognize nearby hybrid and electric vehicles, as required by the PSEA, by requiring that hybrid and electric vehicles emit a sound that pedestrians would be able to hear in a range of ambient environments and contain acoustic signal content that pedestrians will recognize as being emitted from a vehicle.

Getting Help After A Motorcycle Accident

As new technologies bring innovative vehicles onto our roads, and in the skys, they will compete with and share the lanes with traditional vehicles for decades to come. This mix of new electric vehicles that are nearly silent with vehicles still powered by internal combustion only makes it more important than ever, that drivers stay alert for motorcyclists as they travel around the Suncoast. If you have been involved in a motorcyle crash and are looking to get compensation for your damages and injuries contact the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at All Injuries Law Firm today for a free case review.

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