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Nonresidents And Florida Accident Lawsuits

Florida is one of the most heavily populated states in the nation, with millions of residents calling it home. But it’s also one of the most heavily visited, and every year millions more visit for the beaches, theme parks, and more.

And while residents may be involved in an accident and get the help of a lawyer when seeking personal injury settlements, what happens when one of those millions of visitors is involved in an accident? The easy answer is that pretty much the exact same thing will happen if two residents are involved, only with a little bit of extra work – mainly for the nonresident or for the attorneys involved in handling the case.

Exactly what will be involved in the process of seeking financial compensation will largely depend upon what role the nonresident plays in the accident and the recovery. Taking a closer look will make it easier to see just what to expect no matter who you are and how you’re involved in the process.

If The Nonresident Caused The Accident

If a Florida resident is injured in an accident that was caused by the recklessness or negligence of a nonresident, the process of getting what you are owed will be very similar to the process that would take place if two nonresidents are involved.

Essentially, insurance companies will connect with one another and with the injured parties and work towards negotiating for a settlement that both can agree on. In a case involving an out of state party, this process continues only across a longer distance.

If The Nonresident Was The Injured Party

If a nonresident is injured, things are still very similar to the process above. The main difference is that some attorneys may not be able to practice law in the state of Florida, which means that finding a Florida attorney to handle a case may be required to get the best results.

There is a slim chance that the injured party will have to return to Florida to complete different aspects of the case itself in these situations, but working with the right lawyer will greatly reduce the chances that this will be an issue.

The Benefits Of Using A Lawyer

No matter what your role in an accident was, finding an attorney is a must in any personal injury case – especially when an out of state resident is involved. There are several reasons for this including:

· Faster resolution to any case
· Better outcome and higher settlement amounts
· Easier networking between states and attorneys
· Less stress and hassle for the injured parties and the responsible party

Simply put, the process of seeking compensation can be difficult enough as it is. When you factor in the fact that different states may be involved, it becomes clear that getting help is a must for anyone involved. And the right person to help anyone in this situation is a personal injury lawyer.

Our legal team has decades of experience in personal injury law including the most complex cases and even those that involve out of state residents. We have worked with all types of personal injury cases to provide our clients with the resolution that they need to get back on their feet after an accident. Contact us today to get your free initial consultation.