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New Seatbelt Recall Is Just The Latest In A Long Line Of Auto Recalls

Over the last few years it seems like a steady string of auto recalls have taken place. Almost no automaker has been unscathed, with vehicles of all makes and models facing various recalls. Some of these aren’t as serious as others, but a new recall from GM is one that deserves fast attention from everyone owning the affected vehicles.

This new recall impacts more than 1.04 million big trucks from GM, and the reason is due to defective seatbelts. According to the company, the steel cable that connects the seat belt to the truck has a risk of separating, leading to a total failure of the safety restraint which in turn can lead to serious injuries in an accident.

The recall affects Sierra 500s and Chevrolet Silverados from the 2014 to 2015 line, and all who own the trucks can return to a dealership to receive a repair and replacement completely free of charge. Doing so will ensure that you’re kept safe while on the road.

But what happens to those who have been injured in an accident that involved one of these seatbelts? The company is already denying that any injuries have been linked to the issue, but it’s still worth a closer look to understand how recalls impact those who own the affected vehicle.

Recall Basics

The basic thing to understand about a recall is that responsibility – or fault – will shift depending upon the timetable related to the accident. If you’re injured in an accident that is caused or worsened by a recalled component, the automaker will be held responsible for your injuries if you had no warning about the problem ahead of time.

However, if it is shown that the recall has been in place for a period of time and that you had reasonable time to learn about the recall, it will be harder to show that you aren’t responsible. The reason is that when you fail to have the recalled parts replaced, you essentially accept the risks that they increase and as a result you are to blame.

In short, those impacted by the defect before the recall occurs or who can show that they had no way of knowing about the recall may have the legal grounds to seek compensation for their injuries.

Getting Help When Injured

It’s still important that you seek professional assistance when involved in any kind of accident that involved a recalled component. Talking to an experienced car crash lawyer will help you determine whether or not you have the grounds to seek financial restitution for your injuries.

Your attorney will be able to review your case and explain to you each of your options. While this latest seatbelt recall hasn’t been officially linked to any major injuries, knowing the law about recalled products is still important – especially if you’ve been involved in an accident.

Our team can help you determine what options you have available. With offices throughout Florida and decades of experience, we’re ready to ensure that you get the financial compensation you’re owed when involved in an accident on Florida roads. Contact us for your consultation today.