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New Realities That Come To Fruition After Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Lots of people are scared by the sheer size of commercial trucks, and who can blame them? Tractor-trailers are much larger than standard passenger vehicles. Plus, they are heavy, too, especially when fully loaded. Why are individuals frightened by the units? They know that all it takes is one mistake for catastrophe to strike.

For instance, if the operator is texting on their phone while going down the road, they could easily drift into another lane and side-swipe one or more cars. Let's say the trailer was loaded improperly. There is too much cargo on one side, making it top-heavy. If the trucker takes a curve or turn too fast, they could flip and land on top of a smaller car, truck, or SUV.

The next example involves a trucker eating on the go. This person is chowing down at high speed on the highway and suddenly drop their burger and fries. They look down for a brief moment to see if any of the meal is salvageable. However, when their eyes were off the road, a traffic jam arrived. Never taking their foot off the gas, the tractor-trailer slams into parked cars, injuring tons of people. The truck finally comes to a stop, but not until after leaving loads of damage in its wake.

We will discuss one final way these accidents can happen before moving onto the next topic. Some truckers can get drowsy behind the wheel, and if they doze off, even for only a brief moment, a collision can occur. The tractor-trailer could hit another car head-on, in the rear, or on the side, leaving victims with severe and lasting injuries. These types of scenarios can go on and on, but hopefully, you get the point by now. 

Although Necessary, Big-Rigs Can Be Dangerous

Tractor-trailer accidents are some of the worst kinds of crashes. After getting hit by one of these massive vehicles, victims are left with new realities. They must often deal with...

• Lost Wages
• Pain And Suffering
• Loss Of Employment And Future Income
• Medical Bills
• Years Of Therapy

It is also possible for peoples' loved ones to die in the events. In such cases, families have to figure out how to cope with those losses. Regardless of which outcome happens to you, it might be in your best interest to hire a truck accident attorney. Why? Because you or your family might be entitled to fair compensation, that's why.

Trucking Companies Don't Just Turn Loose Of Money

First off, anyone who loses a loved one in such an accident, we get it; no amount of cash will ever be enough for what you lost. However, the winnings can come in handy when handling the deceased's final expenses and your pain and suffering. As for injured parties, compensation can help them with all of the bullet points mentioned above. Trucking companies don't want to pay fair compensation, though. 

That is why they have legal teams on retainers. The professionals are waiting in the wings for incidents to arise so that they can discredit them. Floridians don't have to fight these battles alone. Instead, victims can contact our firm to schedule a free case evaluation with a truck accident attorney. The team collects black box data, cell phone records, witness statements, and more to build strong cases. Of course, we also have some other tricks up our sleeves, but we will save those discussions for another day. Just know that if a truck accident leaves you hurt and feeling alone, help is only a phone call away.