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Never Speak To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Because we have over 30 years of experience, people often ask us for our advice about car accidents. One of the most common questions we get when people find out what we do for a living is “What is the one thing I should do to protect myself after an accident?” The answer is simple: Never speak to the other driver’s insurance company. This is so important if you are pursuing a claim for your injuries or property damage. Read on to find out why.

Insurance Companies Are Profit-Motivated

All insurance companies have the same goal: to make as much money as possible. That means collecting more in premiums than they pay out in claims. The entire job of a claims adjuster is to find a way to pay you as little as they possibly can for your injuries, if anything at all. This motive is problematic because it drives all of their operations.

Insurance Companies Will Play Dirty

Since they are motivated solely by making a profit, they will do everything they can to get out of paying. They’ll even infringe on your rights if that’s what it takes to achieve their goal. Some of the tricks we’ve seen them play will blow your mind, but here are a few examples:

● Insurance companies will trick you into signing legally binding documents by telling you lies. They know that most people do not have a law degree, so you most likely won’t understand all the jargon and the legalese in those documents. They prey on that lack of knowledge for their own financial gain.
● The adjuster will insist that you legally have to talk to them even when you’re physically and mentally disabled from your injuries. We’ve seen them demand to speak to people who are still in the hospital. They do so in hopes that because those individuals are on pain medication, they won’t be able to think clearly enough to make a good decision.
● Insurance companies will bury you in bureaucratic nonsense so that you will give up and stop trying to pursue a claim. They’ll transfer your calls over and over again until you end up in a dead end. They’ll ignore your calls and insist that you have to fill out unnecessary paperwork.

Those are just some of the things that insurance companies do routinely to get out of paying.

They Will Use Your Words Against You

One of the primary reasons insurance companies try to speak with you is because they want to trick you into admitting that the accident was your fault or that your injuries are not as serious as you claim. They ask leading questions and record everything you say. Then, they review the recording and look for a minor slip of the tongue or inconsistency. They’ll find things that seem completely innocuous to you and build an entire case on it.

For example, they’ll ask you what you did today in a friendly, interested, and casual way. You’ll answer something simple like, “I went to work and walked my dog.” The next thing you know they are denying your claim because if you can go to the office or walk your dog, you haven’t been harmed in the accident. They can be that deceitful.

So take our advice: If you ever get into an automobile accident, do not talk to the other driver’s insurance company. Instead, give us a call at All Injuries Law Firm, P.A. so we can talk to them for you. We’ll tell them what your legal rights are, call them out on any dirty tricks they pull, and ensure that you get the fair settlement you deserve. Contact us at 1-941-625-HURT anytime you need help. We’re here to fight for you.