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Motorcycles Are Dangerous Enough Without Adding Defective Parts To The Equation

It is no secret that motorcycles are one of the favorite modes of transportations for Floridians. In fact, according to, there were 586,267 registered cycles in Florida in 2017. The Sunshine State came in at number two on the list with California leading the way at 842,543. Figures like these show that motorbikes are not just a trendy fad. Rather, they are here to stay, and folks all across the nation will continue to ride them for generations and generations to come.

Although owners enjoy the power, gas mileage, and freedom that comes along with the units, they also know that there are some risks involved in traveling in this way. Motorcycles just don't offer the same amount of protection that cars, trucks, and SUVs do. Instead, operators and passengers are typically thrown from the vehicles in the event of a crash. As such, death and severe injuries are often in the outcome. Every incident is unique and different, which means damages will vary from one accident to the next. However, common wounds include but are not limited to…

• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Internal Organ Damage And Bleeding
• Deep Lacerations Or Punctures
• Burns
• Fractures And Broken Bones

Money Can Run Dry In A Hurry When One Is Recovering

More often than not, participants that are lucky enough to walk away from motorcycle wrecks, with their lives intact, need surgeries, follow-up doctor visits, medications, and more. Not to mention, they regularly have to miss work and do not have a steady income. In other words, it can be quite challenging to buy essential items like groceries, much less pay for medical bills. If another driver is to blame for the collision and damages, the victim may be entitled to a fair compensation amount.

Therefore, Southwest Florida residents should consider hiring an accident attorney to help them recover the settlement that they deserve. They shouldn't get stuck between a rock and a hard place paying to recover from wounds that were no fault of their own. Our firm has proudly been representing clients in the area for over 30 years. The team will be more than happy to do the same for you. So, give us a call at 941-625-HURT to discuss your options today.

What If A Manufacturer Is To Blame?

Manufacturer liability is a legal process that holds sellers and manufacturers responsible for any harm that their products cause. Our organization can help in these kinds of situations too. Hence, persons should remain aware of the information that is going to be shared here. BMW is expected to begin issuing a recall of 4,672 motorcycles on October 17, 2019. The models in question are...

• 2017-2020 K 1600 GT
• 2018-2020 K 1600 GTL
• 2018-2020 K 1600 B Motorcycles

Particular transmission parts may not have been made of the correct hardness level. In turn, two gears might engage at the same time, resulting in transmission damage. If this problem occurs while the bike is in use, the rear wheel can lock up. Thus, the driver could lose control, and his or her risk of crash increases. Of course, dealers are supposed to apply the remedy free of charge, but still, what happens is a person gets hurt before that? Our firm may be able to assist you in your time of need. So, don't delay, and instead, get the representation you need.