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Millenials Are The Most Dangerous Florida Drivers

Unfortunately, this is not a joke or some way to poke fun at the generational stereotypes. While looking into traffic safety in the state of Florida, Southwest Florida in particular, there is statistical evidence that the generation with the most dangerous track record is the millennial generation. Maybe the reasons are similar to what you have heard about the group, regardless there are little things that can be done to help keep our roads safer, no matter the driver.

What Is A Millennial And Why Are They Florida's Most Dangerous?

The millennial generation spans from ages 19-35 but narrowing the field to find more specific issues, a nationwide survey from the AAA keyed in on the 19-24 portion of the group as 88% of them reported to participate in unsafe behavior behind the wheel. The survey asked specifically about texting and driving, speeding and running red lights. The next closest age group was the 25-39 range, only reporting 79%. Every age group had over 50% reporting they participated in these dangerous behaviors behind the wheel and the specifics on the millennial group can be upsetting.

Millennials And Texting While Driving

According to the AAA study, millennials were 1.6 times more likely to participate in texting, social media or e-mailing on their phones while driving. This behavior has been proven to cause accidents more and more in the past few years. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and using the phone while driving is one of the easiest ways to distract yourself from simple laws of the road. It's the most common criticism that millennial drivers hear about, texting and driving but that’s not the only thing that distracts drivers and millennials are not the only group falling into the distraction trap.

Speeding And Running Red Lights

We are not sure you can get away with pinning this on a specific generation, as it has always been a criticism of younger drivers that they speed and run red lights. Therefore, hopefully the millennials will grow out of it as the other generations have. That being said, millennials are reported to have 1.4 times more chance to run a red light or speed. There are laws about these two activities that have existed for as long as red lights and powerful engines have existed.

Two of the most dangerous behaviors behind the wheel as they can cause an accident with innocent drivers just minding their own business and following the rules of the road. These two behaviors particularly are capable of taking an accident and its injuries from bad to the worst. When it comes to legal action, All Injuries Law ha many cases covered by our car accidents lawyers where the faulted driver was definitely speeding or ran a red light.

Positives Of Florida Millennial Drivers

The AAA survey proved that although more likely to commit these dangerous behaviors, millennials are far from being the sole perpetrators. Each generation had a fair amount of dangerous behavior in their repetuar. It is important to see and promote some of the impressive and innovative behavior that Florida millennial drivers are also taking part in.

Millennial drivers in Florida are actually part of a trend, specific to the state, where a decreasing amount of potential young drivers are actually getting their license. More millennials in Florida are opting to ride bikes to school or work. A great step for the environment and it sure is easy to prevent car accidents if not in a car. Second, due to that otherwise distracting technology, millennials in Florida are less likely to drive drunk based on their ride sharing options.

Although millennials may be the highest statistical group for dangerous driving behavior, we can take a page out of their book to make our driving and care for the environment even better. Auto accidents are scary, damaging and often times avoidable, let's always make those scary numbers decrease.