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Litigation After Being Injured In A Serious Accident

A serious personal injury may cause the victim pain and suffering and may devastate an entire family due to loss of income, the financially crippling cost of medical bills, and emotional stress placed upon family members.

When the injury is caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another, the law may allow an award of money damages to compensate for this financial and mental harm. Still, many who suffer personal injuries are reluctant to consult an accident injury lawyer for fear of the cost involved and the complexities and delays of litigation.

Yet consulting an accident injury attorney can maximize the amount of compensation you receive from an insurance company, and speed its receipt. However, failing to consult an accident litigation attorney may be the biggest mistake of all. It can cost some or all of your claim to damages—and leave your family under-compensated, or even totally uncompensated, for the harm you have suffered.

Personal injury litigation in Florida

There are four reasons why you should not fear personal accident injury litigation:

Your initial consultation provides peace of mind. Personal injury litigation law firms generally provide free initial consultations to potential clients. If the attorney's opinion is that no legal action is justified, there is no cost to you—but you obtain valuable peace of mind that you have done the right thing. If you don't seek a consultation or delay doing so, you may be torn by the fear that you have cost your family an award, or reduced its claim to one, by your inaction. And this fear is justified.

Most cases settle. The great majority of personal injury lawsuits reach negotiated settlement before any trial takes place. And being represented by an experienced accident attorney with a record of winning trials gives the other side solid motivation to offer more in a settlement more quickly, rather than run up its own costs and risks in litigation.

Contingency fee payment for your lawyer. Personal injury litigation attorneys generally charge on a contingency fee basis. This means the attorney receives a percentage of the damage award won—if you don't win, you don't owe an attorney fee.

Fighting a case to verdict is better than being denied justice. Your accident lawyer works for you, so you always have the final word on whether to accept a settlement offer or continue on the course to litigation. If your case goes all the way to trial, you will indeed experience all the complications involved, but only if you and your attorney agree that you have been denied justice via every other option. It will be your decision, and having the chance to obtain justice this way, with a skilled accident litigation attorney fighting for you, is better than simply being denied justice with no chance to do anything about it.

To best protect your legal right to compensation for harm caused to you by another, consult an attorney immediately after sustaining a personal injury in Fort Myers.