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It’s Another Season Of Boating Accidents

We’re now officially into summer, and for the state of Florida, that means one of many things; namely that more boats than ever are going to be cruising the water. And the more boats there are afloat, the greater the chance for mishaps, which is something we’ve already seen in the last few months alone.

A Weekend Of Mishap

An unfortunate example of boating accidents in action happened just last month in the Miami-Dade County area. On Saturday, May 13th, there was one death and over a dozen injuries related to different boating accidents that all took place on the same day, in different parts of the county.

One accident, for example, took place at Normandy Shores, Miami, when a boat coming into a private dock crashed into the dock instead of stopping. The result was four of the nine passengers getting injured, with one of those victims being listed as in critical condition. An airboat accident resulted in the death of one person while two others were injured. Two other accidents resulted from personal watercraft colliding with other boats, while a final accident in the evening required four people to be rescued from the water after their boat capsized.

Negligence, Carelessness & Inexperience

In many of these cases, the accidents could have been prevented if people had either been paying more attention to the environment or simply accepted their own limitations and lack of experience. It means that if you’re planning on enjoying some time on your own boat this summer, you’ve got pay attention not just to how you are handling your own boat, but what other people are doing in the water as well.

Just like with car accidents, boating accidents can result in injuries, and those injuries are often the result of human error. In some cases, the error is simple carelessness, and not exercising the minimum amount of responsibility legally required to operate these vehicles. If that’s the case, and you or other people you are with become injured as a result, then that negligence, just like in a car accident, can be answered for in a court of law.

Get Professional Help

Accident lawyers are trained and experienced to help in a variety of different situations, whether it is the gar-den-variety automobile accident or the somewhat less common boating-related incidents. In either case, if someone else is responsible for people sustaining injuries, it’s important to get the right legal advice and take steps to ensure that proper financial compensation is attained.

An accident lawyer can help with conducting the investigation that may be required to ascertain the exact chain of events in a mishap, and put the blame—and its extent—exactly where it belongs. Accident lawyers can guide you through an often confusing process, and help to prevent you from making mistakes, such as divulging critical information to insurance investigators working against you, or making sure that proper expert testimony is available if a trial is required.

If you need help with an injury lawsuit, make sure that help is experienced, professional, and completely in your corner. An accident lawyer is the best kind of guidance you can have in these situations.