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It Is A Brand New Day, So Obviously, There Is A New Air Bag Recall

It seems as if every time you flip on the news or peek at Facebook and Twitter, there is a new airbag recall smacking you in the face. This is good news and bad. It is great because someone is looking out for our best interests, but it is bad because it seems as if the onslaught is never going to end. Malfunctioning air bags can leave you injured, afraid, and worried about how you are going to pay your bills. You may rightfully be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact our office for a free case review if you have been injured in an air bag-related recall to find out your options.

55,068 Potentially Affected Units

General Motors is expected to issue a recall on certain 2016-2017 Chevrolet Spark vehicles. There is not an immediate remedy as one is still in the developmental stage, but owners are supposed to be contacted by the company about this issue. Owners can also contact the GM customer service department for more information. Supply the representative with the recall number 17199 to get accurate information that pertains to your vehicle.

If these models are involved in a crash, the airbag will deploy as it was intended to do, but the problem lies with it failing to comply with the Federal Motor Safety Standard number 208. An unbuckled or improperly seated child, riding in the front passenger seat, may sustain an injury if the air bag deploys. Injuries to the neck, back, or another area may occur. If you believe your car is affected, take steps to ensure that your child remains safe and injury free.

Tips To Keep Your Bundle Of Joy Safe In Your Vehicle

They may not like it when you make them wear a seat belt, or when they are in a rear-facing car seat, but these items are imperative to their safety and well-being. It can be tempting to turn a blind cheek to the situation and give in to them, but it is of the utmost importance that you stand your ground. Your children are important little members of society and we need to protect them accordingly.

Always use the appropriate car seat for your child’s height and weight.

The safest place for kids is in the backseat, so whenever it is possible, buckle them in back there.

Follow the guidelines for installing the car seat strictly. If it is bouncing and wobbling around, it is not going to protect much.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Car seats and strollers can seem as if it takes a rocket scientist to figure them out. It is the law for your children to be in a car seat, so asking a police officer if your seat is installed correctly can be beneficial to you and your little one.

Automotive and product related recalls seem to be a constant threat to our safety lately. These items are supposed to be ready for use, tested, and most importantly safe. Anything man-made is going to break eventually, but if you are injured due to a defective piece of equipment, why should you have to be responsible for the expensive medical bills? Keep your kids safe in the car and let them blossom into the wonderful people that you expect them to be.