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Is It Safe To Ride A Bicycle From Point A To Point B In Florida?

All sorts of people ride bikes across the country. Kids play on them in culdesacs. They jump ramps and perform tricks in backyards and at parks too. Of course, some teens and adults do the same things. Plus, many individuals utilize these modes of transportation to go back and forth to school or work. Not to mention, plenty of folks simply ride their bicycles for a cardio workout. The venture assists them in shedding excess weight, building muscle, and improving stamina.

Additionally, many people choose to travel in this manner as it saves them some money. How? Well, it is pretty expensive to own a car as there are insurance, gas, and maintenance costs. Riding a bike from one place to the next eliminates a lot of those fees. Plus, the endeavor can assist persons who are going green. It allows them to do their part to save the Earth.

Unfortunately, Bicycle Riding Can Be Dangerous Too

Cyclists are not the only people on the Florida roadways. Rather, motorcyclists, truck drivers, and passenger vehicle operators are on the roads as well. If one of them happen to make a mistake while behind the wheel or handlebars, lives can be changed drastically forever. For one, bicycles don't offer much in the way of protection. As such, riders can lose their lives or sustain injuries after becoming struck by a car. Damages will vary from situation to situation, but aside from wrongful death, wounds often include...

• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Loss Of Limbs
• Partial Or Full Paralysis

Florida Bicycle Crash Statistics

Those that believe bicycle/car accidents don't happen regularly should listen up. Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports that there were 6,675 of the incidents in 2017, 6,668 in 2016, and 7,120 in 2015. As a result, there were 6,263 injuries in 2017, 6,234 in 2016, and 6,691 in 2015. Don't go away just yet as there are still more numbers to view.

During the 2017 period, Florida accounted for 128 bicyclist fatalities. Meanwhile, 140 bike riders lost their lives in 2016 and another 154 in 2015. These figures show that it can be dangerous for cyclists to share the streets with motorists.

Reasons Why Bicycle Accidents Might Occur

Everybody seems to be in a hurry these days. Motorists speed to get to job interviews, work, the movies, and everywhere else. One of them could easily rush through a stop sign or red light only to collide with a bicyclist. Also, even though folks are continually warned about texting/talking on the phone and driving, many still partake in the activity. When a vehicle operator is distracted, anything can happen. If he or she isn't paying attention, they put bicycle riders and everyone else in danger.

Drinking alcoholic beverages and driving can prove to be a high-risk combination. The substances decrease a person's reaction time and affect their abilities. In turn, they can accidentally swerve into a bike lane, hitting an unsuspecting cyclist. As anyone can clearly see, numerous things can attribute to bicycle crashes.

Recovering Can Be Quite Costly, But A Lawyer Can Help

Family members that lose loved ones in these events have to come up with funds to pay for medical and funeral expenses. These fees can cause them to run into financial hardships. Meanwhile, persons that survive the episode have to spend money on doctors, hospital stays, prescriptions, and more. A personal injury attorney can assist persons in either situation.

Our lawyer will build a persuasive case via driving records, police reports, witness testimonies, and security camera footage. Cell phone and driving histories can play a part too. So, get the help that you deserve by contacting our office today and scheduling a free case review.