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Is A Loss Of Vehicle Control Headed Your Way?

Do you own a 2019-2020 Nissan Altima or a 2018-2021 Nissan Titan? If so, good for you. Those are typically safe and reliable vehicles. Oops, did we say typically? According to the NHSTA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these cars may have one or more tires, which cured too long during production. What does that mean?

Well, if those tires are on your vehicle, there is a chance that sudden air loss could come to fruition. Belt edge separation is also possible and can cause tread/belt loss. In layman's terms, these issues can lead to a loss of vehicle control. They increase the risk of a crash as well. The point is that you could wreck and get injured from no fault of your own. So, if Floridians drive the cars mentioned above, they should pay close attention to this post.

The info may help them avoid crashes. If not, and they do get seriously hurt, it will reveal why they should put lawyers in their corners. Is your interest piqued, and are you ready to move on? Yes, then without further ado, let's get to it.

NHTSA Campaign 21V169000

Nissan North America, Inc. is expected to begin recall PC798 on April 28, 2021. The recall involves a potential 126,809 of the 2019-2020 Nissan Altima and 2018-2021 Titan vehicles. These cars are equipped with Continental tires that may have the problems we discussed. Click here if you would like to take a closer look. Whatever you do, just be careful because the last thing anybody wants is to crash.

Hold Manufacturers Accountable For Harm Their Products Cause

People who get injured in auto accidents with negligent drivers can file lawsuits against them to recover compensation. When they win, that gives them money to cover medical bills and other expenses. Why would a person need to take legal action? Have you been to the doctor or hospital lately? If not, take our word for it; there's nothing cheap about healthcare. 

Additionally, it is not uncommon for the injured to lose wages after car crashes. That means they don't have steady paychecks rolling in and have to find some way to pay their bills so they can get better. What if a negligent driver isn't to blame, though? What if the culprit is a tire that cured too long or another defective part?

In such a situation, the victim may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Manufacturer's liability holds manufacturers or sellers responsible for harm caused by defective products in the marketplace. A person can even sue if the item is a recalled vehicle like these here. To do so, they must not have had prior knowledge of the recall, or they must have gotten their injuries before the recall was issued. 

Should Somebody Take On A Large Corporation Alone?

Hey, to each their own. If a person wants to take on a manufacturer alone, that is their prerogative. However, that route might not be in the injured individual’s best interest. Why? For starters, these organizations usually have legal teams on retainer, and they don't play fair. The lawyers offer victims low settlements, knowing very well that they are hurting for money and can't hold out.

When that doesn't work, and they can't get them to settle, the attorneys delay and bring the process to what feels like a standstill. It is easy to see why going it alone probably isn't the right option just from these two tactics, but there are more. Don't get taken advantage of in your time of need. Instead, put an auto accident lawyer from our firm in your corner. Our team will build a strong case to support your position, as we will do everything in our power to recover the settlement you deserve.

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