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Information For Persons That Slip And Fall At A Commercial Businesses

Sure, people have been making slip and fall accidents the butt of jokes for years now. However, there isn't anything funny or cute about the incidents. Sometimes, individuals that tumble to the ground experience various kinds of injuries. Heck, if the person lands just right, he or she may even lose their life. Therefore, instead of making light of the situation, folks need to take the matter seriously.

Data That Shows The Severity Of The Issue

While it is not uncommon for older people to slip and fall in a variety of settings, the problem can happen to anyone if particular conditions are present. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 800,000 patients are hospitalized annually due to fall injuries. Meanwhile, the National Floor Safety Institute reports that 22-percent of slip/fall accidents resulted in people missing at least 31 days of work in 2002. Typical damages associated with the occurrences include but are not limited to...

• Fractures To Wrists, Hips, And Ankles
• Broken Bones
• Traumatic Brain Injury

Many Times, People Fall From No Fault Of Their Own

Of course, some individuals may not pay close enough attention only to slip and hurt themselves. However, when it comes to a commercial business setting, organizations must take measures to protect their employees and patrons from such dilemmas. If these places fail to do so, they will likely find themselves in the middle of a premises liability lawsuit. Company owners can be held responsible for a person's injuries when hazardous conditions exist.

For instance, if juice, coffee, or water get spilled on the floor, and an employee spots the problem but chooses to ignore it, the liquid will pose a fall risk to unsuspecting co-workers and clients. Additionally, when extension cords, wires, or computer cables are strung out across the floor, rather than being installed correctly, somebody might trip over them and sustain injuries as well. Then again, loose carpeting, tiles, or wood flooring can produce the same outcome.

It Is Expensive To Recover From A Fall

The CDC also reports that $754 million is spent on fatal falls and $50 billion on non-fatal ones each year. Of those figures, the research indicates that $12 billion is paid via private or out of pocket payers. In other words, the damages can throw a wrench into the injured party's budget in a hurry. Plus, he or she will probably have to take some time off from work while recovering, which means there is no steady, week to week income coming in. Checking and savings accounts can become depleted in no time flat. Luckily, Floridians can hire an attorney to seek compensation for their wounds, though.

How Can A Lawyer Help?

On many occasions, the accident scene is cleaned up by the time a lawsuit ensues. As such, the ordeal can turn into a he said/she said type of argument if no evidence is acquired. Our legal team will assure that this doesn't happen by obtaining security camera footage, witness testimonies, and more. The attorney will go above and beyond to prove that the commercial business is to blame while fighting with your best interest in mind. So, Florida residents should contact the office for a free case review today and discover where their claim stands.