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Information About 3 Product Recalls To Help Keep You Safe

It seems as if recalls have become a way of life in modern society. We have come to accept the fact that anything man-made can have imperfections. However, when it comes to things like mislabeled packaging or negligence by a company, someone should be held accountable if you are injured by the product.

Food allergies are an unfortunate part of life that many of us have to deal with. A company that does not include items, such as peanuts, to the label is putting these people’s lives in jeopardy. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about all aspects of the law. We are big enough to have the financial needs to handle your case, but we also handle every case on an individual basis to give you the best possible outcome.

Many times, automotive recalls get all of the headlines. Air bags have gotten most of the attention lately, but what about other items that are recalled? Consumers need to be made aware of them to help them remain safe. Stay informed and keep you and your loved ones safe.

3 Recalls That You Should Know About

  1. Standard Homeopathic Company is recalling all Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets and Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Teething Tablets. This is important information that parents need to know. There are inconsistent amounts of belladonna alkaloids in the product, when compared to the label’s values. The FDA believes this presents a serious health hazard to children, so it is of the utmost importance to make sure you are not using these products to ease your baby’s pain. Consumers should contact their doctor if they believe they are experiencing health related issues, and they should contact the company’s customer service representatives for more details.

  2. Residents that live in the south-east region of the United States, and that shop at Walmart, should pay close attention to this one. Fresh Express announced a precautionary recall of a limited amount of Organic Marketside Spring Mix Salads that were sold specifically at Walmart. The company received a report of alleged animal matter being inside of one of the containers. Both companies worked quickly to pull the items off the shelf, but if you believe that you purchased one, you should not consume it and contact the company for further instructions. The UPC code is 6 8113132897 5, and the product code is G089B19 with a best-if-used-by date of APR 14 2017.

  3. Lakeside Foods has issued a voluntary recall of 1,568 packages of Season's Choice Brand Frozen Peas. They were packed for Aldi and distributed to stores in 7 states. Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, and Wisconsin residents should avoid eating this product as it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Serious, and sometimes fatal illnesses can occur from this harmful organism. If you believe you purchased an affected product, look for one of these codes or best by dates.

    • UPC code 041498164294

    • DC27063 PLAA6206 BEST BY 09 2018

    • DC27063 BNAD7266 BEST BY 09 2018

    • DC37063 BNAD7266 BEST BY 09 2018

    • DC47063 BNAD7266 BEST BY 09 2018

    • DC57063 BNAD7266 BEST BY 09 2018

    • DC57063 BNAF6236 BEST BY 09 2018

    • DC57063 BNAF6236 BEST BY 09 2018

If you or a loved one has sustained a personal injury due to a product recall, contact our office for a free case review. Medical bills can pile up quickly and you should not have to pay because of a negligent act performed by another entity. Use the above-mentioned recall information to remain safe, but should the need arise, we are here to help and closer than you think.