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Improving The Overall Health And Fitness Of Employees To Prevent Workplace Injury

May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month, #EmployeeHealthAndFitnessMonth. It is a workplace safety campaign that the National Association for Health and Fitness created. Employers everywhere, including those in Port Charlotte, can participate. Why should proprietors do such a thing? That's a good question and one we'll attempt to answer here.

First up, participation promotes healthy lifestyle choices, and who couldn't use a little help in that area, at least every once in a while. There's still more, though. Participating may also help employees stay fit, reducing the chances of workplace injuries. That's great news for bosses because accidents, which often lead to lawsuits, might not occur.

Workers benefit, too, as they don't have to deal with the pain and suffering of injuries. This is a law blog, so if you get hurt on the job because of negligence, please, don't hesitate to give us a call for a free case evaluation. You might be entitled to fair compensation for your damages. With that stuff out of the way, we can focus our attention on some tips that can help improve employee health and fitness.

Get People To Sign Up For Healthy Groups

According to the National Association for Health and Fitness, healthy groups consist of small groups of employees. They should be like-minded individuals that can create and partake in sustainable activities. The members can participate throughout the month of May or keep going and going; the choice is up to them. What types of activities are we talking about?

The group could meet to share healthy meals, exercise, or commute to and from work. As for the latter, no, not in a car. Rather, the employees can jog, bike, or walk together to reach their destinations. Another option is for the group to grow a garden. Then, they can share the healthy foods they harvest with a local food bank. Create healthy groups to keep your employees looking out for one another. If nothing else, maybe that will stop workplace injuries in their tracks.

Promote Healthy Moments

Healthy moments are for individuals. That means if the people of a workplace are more comfortable doing things on their own, they can still participate in Global Health & Fitness Month. The lifestyle changes don't have to be challenging or hard. They can be simple actions, like preparing a new healthy recipe or cooking supper at home instead of eating greasy fast food.

Other activities could be scheduling and attending health assessments with physicians. The list can go on and on, but you probably get the gist. Promoting healthy moments is an excellent way for employers to spend Global Employee Health & Fitness Month this year. With just a little effort, they can improve the overall health and fitness of employees. In turn, that may also prevent workplace injuries from occurring, which is always a plus.

Obtain A Group Gym Memberships

The campaign isn't just about eating right. Those participating should also make an effort to get up and be active. Hence, the "fitness" part of Global Employee Health & Fitness Month. However, some workers might not have access to gyms, and when that's the case, they may not exercise. Therefore, if you're a boss that wants to prevent workplace injury, why not get a group gym membership for all of your employees to use?

That will ensure they have access to exercise equipment, and the membership could be the incentive they need to get up and off the sofa. Then, the next time a person needs to grab a large box of documents, maybe they don't pull muscles in their arms, legs, or back.

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