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IKEA Recalls: What You Need To Know

In May 12, 2016 IKEA issued a recall for 80,000 safety gates after numerous reports of trip and fall injuries. This recall was followed immediately by a recall on June 28, 2016, when IKEA issued a massive recall of 29 million chests and dressers for tip over concerns. These recalls impact millions of consumers and if you’ve bought one of these products, you need to know what to do immediately to keep your family safe.

IKEA Recall For Patrull Pressure Mounted Safety Gates

IKEA issued a recall for three pressure mounted safety gates and their extension pieces within the Patrull line. These gates are used in doorways to protect children and animals from entering unsafe areas. The issues with the gate is that the pressure mounting is not enough to hold the safety gate in place and when pressed against can lead to a falling accident. There is also concern the lower metal bar is a tripping hazard. The issues was recalled after IKEA received 55 injury reports, 3 of which where the safety gate had failed and children fell down staircases. To read more about the details of the recall, check out the recall notice on IKEA’s website:

If you have purchased one of these gates you can get a full refund by returning it to IKEA. You do not need a receipt for the return, you just need to make sure that the gate is part of the recall. The recall impacts the following models:

  • Patrull Safety Gate: 702.390.98

  • Patrull Safety Gate Extension: 602.651.44

  • Patrull FAST Safety Gate (White): 700.377.26 & 702.265.19

  • Patrull FAST Safety Gate (Beech Wood): 300.375.68, 700.989.51, 701.135.98, & 901.919.53

  • Patrull Klämma Safety Gate: 302.265.21

  • Patrull Klämma Safety Gate Extension: 302.651.45, 902.265.23

You can find the information about which model you have on a label on the metal bar on the bottom of the gate.

IKEA Recalls 29 Million MALM And Other Chests And Dressers

IKEA has issued a recall for all MALM dressers and any children’s line dresser taller than 23.5 inches and adult chests and dressers taller than 29.5 inches. The recall impacts 3-drawer, 4-drawer, 5-drawer, and 6-drawer dressers manufactured between 2002 and sold until June 2016. The recall is in response to 41 top-over incidents resulting in 17 injuries and 3 fatalities. IKEA recommends immediately discontinuing use of these products because of the dangers they pose to children. For more information about the recall, check out the recall notices on their site at: and

IKEA has a few options for consumers who have bought these dressers. If your dresser was manufactured between January 2002 and June 2016, you can return it for a full refund. Any dresser manufactured before 2002 can be returned for a partial refund. If you’d still like to keep your dresser, you can pick up a free wall anchoring kit or have an IKEA employee come to your home and install one for free. If you have a wall anchoring kit already, IKEA recommends that you order a wall anchoring repair kit through an 800 number on their website.

These IKEA products have put numerous families in jeopardy and have resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. IKEA is liable for the costs associated with any of these injuries, so if your family has been injured by either the recalled IKEA safety gates, an IKEA dresser, or any other recalled product, you need to seek legal representation with a personal injury attorney immediately. Our attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm, have 30 years of experience representing clients in product liability cases and can help you get the settlement you deserve for your or your family’s injuries or wrongful death. So call us today for a free consultation and we can help you get the compensation you deserve from these faulty products.