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How To File An Appeal When Your Workers Compensation Claim Is Denied

Sustaining injuries in the workplace makes you eligible for a workers’ compensation claim, however, it does not guarantee that you will be granted one. There are many instances when claims for workers’ compensation are denied for several reasons, like lack of evidence and late filing. That does not mean there is nothing else left for you to do after being denied.

When insurance companies deny your request for workers’ compensation following a work-related incident, here are the things you should do when filing for an appeal:

Know The Reason For Denial - Wherever you are working in Southwest Florida, knowing the reason behind being denied is important so you’ll know how to make your appeal. When requests are denied, a formal letter is sent to the requestor where the reasons for denial are indicated. Take note of those reasons in order to think about a way to address each one of them.

Prepare Supporting Documents - As mentioned above, there are various possible reasons for your appeal to get denied and one of which is the lack of supporting evidence proving your claim. For instance, you can get witness testimonies from your workplace if there are doubts about you acquiring your injuries in the office. You may also have forgotten to include your medical records when you submitted your claim, which is important to prove that your injuries are indeed real and that you need support to recover.

Get Legal Help - Fighting for your workers’ compensation can be tricky especially when it comes to making an appeal after being denied. As it is your right to receive compensation after suffering from work-related injuries or illnesses, getting help from a workers’ compensation lawyer will significantly increase your chances of winning your claim. An experienced lawyer will also know what documents you should prepare and what next steps to take.

Reasons For Workers’ Compensation Claim Denials

Incomplete Paperwork - This is the top reason for most denied workers’ compensation claim. Simply filing a request to your employer without supporting documentation makes it likely for a claim to be denied as it makes your case weak and doubtful.

Reporting And Filing Late - In Florida, there is a given deadline for you to report your injuries to your employer and file a workers’ compensation claim following it. The time period given to employees is 30 days or one month. Filing a claim past that will likely get your claim denied.

Injuries And Illnesses Are Related To A Pre-Existing Medical Condition - If you are already sick or injured before sustaining new injuries or making your sickness worse while working, the chances of your claim getting denied is high. Insurance companies can claim that your injuries are not acquired in the workplace, which renders you unqualified for a workers’ compensation claim. However, the battle does not need to stop and to help you prove that you are eligible for the claim, you can ask the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Workers’ compensation claims are granted to employees who are injured or acquired illness in the workplace. To help you protect your rights, do not hesitate to contact a worker’s compensation lawyer to aid you in winning your claim.

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