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How Long Do I Have To Make An Auto Insurance Claim In Florida?

In the state of Florida, a driver has 4 years to make a claim after they’ve been in an auto accident. This is Florida’s statute of limitations, and it has the final word over any suggestions your auto insurance provider may have. However, just because you have 4 years, doesn’t mean you should put off making that call to your insurance provider.

The longer you wait to make an auto insurance claim, the more difficulty you’re likely to run into getting the compensation you deserve. A few reasons why auto insurance providers in the Venice area might deny or minimize claims made after waiting weeks, months, or even years are:

It’s difficult to prove your injuries are accident related – If you’re making a claim due to injury, and it’s been months or years after your accident, your insurance provider will likely be suspicious regarding just how those injuries came to be. They may believe that injuries requiring compensation should have been noticed and claimed earlier, or they may believe that your injury is actually unrelated to the accident. For instance, a wrist injury cited weeks after an auto accident could be caused by the accident, or it could be stemming from an unrelated fall sustained in an individual’s home.

Your injuries are not as severe as you claim – If you’re citing injuries weeks or more after an accident, your insurance provider may be suspicious that your injuries actually aren’t as severe as you claim. If you have been able to work and go about daily life in the weeks following an accident, the pain must not be unmanageable, and therefore the medical attention you’re asking compensation for isn’t necessary.

The details of your accident have become unclear – As time goes on, memory fades, and this rings true even in the case of auto accidents in the Venice area. By waiting a longer period of time, an insurance provider may no longer believe all of the details of your accident are exactly clear. With missing bits of information, or unclear explanation of the accident or injuries, insurance providers may decide to deny one’s claim outright.

The Best Time To File

After an auto accident in the Venice area, the best time to file is within 24 hours of the accident. This gives the insurance provider the least reason to deny or minimize your claim, and it shows the seriousness of the claim you’re making. If you’re unable to file immediately, jot down notes to ensure you have the most detailed and accurate account of the accident possible.

In some instances, one may be too injured to file their auto insurance claim right away. If you have medical documents stating that you were hospitalized for a period of time following the accident, waiting to file until you’re well enough to do so shouldn’t harm your claim. In these cases, filing within 24 hours of leaving the hospital is best to ensure your insurance provider has the fewest possible reasons to challenge your claim.

After filing your auto insurance claim, your next step should be a call to a trusted Venice area personal injury attorney. With experience in auto accident claims cases, your auto accident lawyer will be able to walk you through the post-claim process, help you to negotiate with your insurance provider if possible, gather necessary claims information, and more. If you’ve been in an accident in the Venice area, contact us at today to see what we can do for you.

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