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How Do You Prove That Your Back Was Injured In A Car Crash?

If you have been involved in a car crash, sometimes you won’t know the extent of your injuries until much later. You might think that you are ok because of the adrenaline that is running through your system at the time. Proving that your injury actually happened during the crash can be difficult, especially if you have no proof. Going back a few days after the accident for treatment leaves an opening in your timeline where the court could argue that the injury occurred somewhere else. Taking steps right away can save you from trying to prove it later on down the road.

Get Treatment

The first step in proving that you sustained an injury is by going for treatment. You may feel fine right after a car crash, but in reality, it takes your body a couple of days to catch up. Go for treatment right away to make sure that you get ahead of the injury before it leaves you in some serious pain. Doctors can take scans and x-rays to see what is going on inside of your body before you can even feel it. If you can show that the injury is there on the day of the crash, it shortens that gap in your timeline. Showing that an injury was sustained on the day of the accident will help you solidify your story.

Provide Medical Bills

If you went to the hospital for treatment for your back pain, use an insurance bill as proof of your treatment. When your insurance company bills for an injury, they diagnose you with a specific code. Every procedure performed has a code assigned to it. It’s the way that billing departments keep track of what is going on. Anyone should be able to look up the code to view what you received treatment for right from your bill. If not, they can call the insurance company billing department and ask what the specific codes mean.

Medical Records

If you are comfortable, have your doctor provide you with a copy of your medical records to bring home with you. These records are yours, and they are required to provide you with a copy if you ask for them. Ask for everything. Scans, x-rays, charts and the works. The more you have to prove what treatment you received and what kind of injury you sustained, the easier it will be for the court to see what you are facing. Medical records are one of the only forms of written proof that you will be able to provide showing that you have an injury. Having a doctor sign off on your injury is good evidence to hold up in court.

Provide Medical Scans From Before The Accident

Also, have your doctor go back and provide any scans that you may have had taken prior to the accident. If you haven’t had any taken before, this is not possible. But if you have, a prior to the accident shot can be the key to showing that your injury did really occur during the accident. This is another way to solidify your timeline and your medical claims.

If you have been injured in a car accident, don’t let the injury take over your life. Medical bills can pile up quickly, and there is no reason to get buried. Call All Injury Law Firm today to let us help you get started on collecting what belongs to you. We can take a look at your case and provide you with the best course of action to get you the help that you need.