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Have You Ever Applied For Social Security Disability In Port Charlotte?

Many of us in Port Charlotte haven't experienced the hardships of applying for Social Security Disability. Sure, many people will apply for SSI when they become eligible for retirement benefits, but that's different from SSDI.
SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that gives cash payments to citizens who meet particular requirements. 

SSDI does not cover short-term disabilities. That's because the government assumes people will have access to workers' compensation insurance, savings, etc., to cover costs associated with them. Instead, it only pays for total disability. For the Social Security Administration to approve your application, you must meet three criteria:

• You can't do the job that you once did
• A medical condition stops you from performing other types of work
• Your disability is anticipated to last for at least one year or could end in death

Denied, Denied, Denied

That sounds so simple, right? However, even after people believe they meet all three criteria, they often get denied for the Social Security Disability program. Why? That's a very good question but one that doesn't necessarily have a clear explanation. Some applications get rejected due to errors when filing forms. Meanwhile, others get denied because their income is too great. Additionally, many people are declined SSDI because there is not enough medical evidence to support their claims.

Time-Consuming And Complex Application Process

Another common complaint Social Security Disability applicants have is that the application process is long. They wait, wait, and wait for what feels like forever, only to be told they don't qualify. Everything is nice and complex too. And by nice, of course, you know we mean, makes you want to pull your hair out.

Appeal The Decision

Denied applicants can appeal the decision of the Social Security Administration. Then, a representative has the opportunity to stay the course or reverse the decision. Don't worry if the claim is denied for a second time. All may not be lost. There is another step in the appeals process, which requires you to go in front of an Administrative Law Judge. 

The Administrative Law Judge will listen to testimonies. He or she will also examine medical records and whatnot.

Then, they will render a decision in written notice form. Did you still get rejected? If that's the case, there's still one last method to appeal. You can hire an SSDI attorney, if you don't have one already, to file a lawsuit with the U.S. district court. But beware because this is a lengthy and costly solution. That's why less than 1-percent of those denied Social Security Disability go this route.

Should You Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

The short answer to this question is yes; you should absolutely hire a lawyer when help is needed with SSDI. Of course, the choice is yours, and you don't have to get professional assistance. It could be worthwhile, though. Social Security Disability attorneys service those:

• Who are sick or injured and wish to know if they're eligible for benefits
• Who wants to apply for disability benefits
• Who feel a denial is wrong and want to appeal it

Experience matters when you're dealing with Social Security Disability. So, put a proven commodity in your corner with All Injuries Law Firm, P.A. The attorneys at the company have represented thousands of clients over the last 35 years in Port Charlotte and surrounding areas. Give the office a call to schedule a free case evaluation with a lawyer today. They will be happy to help you determine which way to go from there.

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