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Have Everything You Need When You Apply For Social Security Disability

More than 2/3 of individuals applying for social security disability insurance, or SSDI, are denied their first time. One of the most common reasons one would be denied is for missing information or providing too little evidence. For Florida residents looking to obtain the support they need after illness or injury through SSDI, it pays to come prepared.

The best way to increase your odds of a first-time approval with SSDI is to complete your application with the help and supervision of a skilled Florida social security disability lawyer. They will make sure that the application is filled out properly, all evidence is provided, and the application is filed in accordance with all laws and procedures. However, this doesn’t always mean guaranteed approval. If your application is still denied, it’s time to start the appeals process.

Most applicants for SSDI are approved through the appeals process, not their initial application. If your initial application is denied, having a Florida SSDI lawyer to guide you through this appeals process is incredibly valuable.

Your SSDI Checklist

Before applying for social security disability insurance on your own or alongside your SSDI lawyer in Florida, you’re going to want to have a few things on hand. Your SSDI checklist should include:

Birth certificate – Before applying for social security disability insurance, have your birth certificate on hand.

Proof of lawful citizenship – If not born in the United States, you must have your proof of lawful citizenship.

Military discharge papers – If you were enlisted in the military, bring with you your lawful military discharge papers.

Tax forms from the last two years – Whether you’re employed by another entity, or self-employed, bring along your tax forms from the last 2 years. This proves employment, how much you made while employed, and that you’ve completed necessary work requirements.

Your adult disability report – Your adult disability report will bring together more details about your illness or injury, along with further details about your work history.

Medical reports and evidence – Bring along any medical reports or documents you already have in your possession. This may be x-rays, diagnostics reports, test results, doctor’s write-ups, prescription histories, or any other information you may have pertaining to your injury or illness condition.

Proof of any worker’s compensation you may have received – After a work-related illness or injury, you may have received worker’s compensation for a time. Bring along any records of worker’s compensation payments you’ve received and your history with worker’s compensation.

Banking information – Bringing along banking information is also important. A checkbook or other documents outlining existing account information allows your SSDI payments to go into a direct deposit checking account should your application be approved.

Your Lawyer Will Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Without being completely prepared to fill out a perfect application, you may have little chance of being approved for social security disability insurance the first time, and the appeals process can get complicated. Your best line of defense is a social security disability lawyer. In Florida, your lawyer will be able to aid you in collecting all of your necessary information and documents, giving you your best chance at a quick approval.

Should your application be denied for any reason, your lawyer will also help you to navigate the appeals process. They will be able to determine why your application has been denied, and how you can best move forward to fix any mistakes or clear up any confusion so your appeal may be successful.

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