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Getting Injured In The Office Is More Common Than You Think

Southwest Florida is no stranger to busy cities and with diligent workers come unavoidable workplace accidents. Unfortunate accidents don’t just happen in construction sites or outdoor settings. Even in closed spaces and under the protection of concrete buildings, lots of unpredictable things can happen indoors.

Common Office Accidents

• Slipping On Wet Floors - You would often find people rushing from one meeting room to another and the urgency behind their actions can cause some to neglect their surroundings. A common accident in an office workplace is slipping on slippery falls whether there is a caution sign or not.

• Bumping And Hitting Office Objects - Everywhere you look and every time you turn around, it is not surprising to find towering cabinets, shelves, desks, tables, and chairs scattered around the office space. With everyone’s focus fixed on their paperwork, there are times when bumping against office objects cannot be avoided.

What you should worry about is the gravity of the injury one might get after getting hit. It can be a mild concussion or a broken toe. Regardless of what it is, it’s important to address the injury immediately and report it to your employer if necessary.

• Falling Down The Stairs - Another common accident in the office is falling down a flight of stairs and there are various reasons for this to happen. If the steps are uneven or if there are no handrails that could have supported an employee to avoid the accident, bringing this up to your employers might be necessary.

How To Avoid Office Accidents

• Pay Attention To Your Surroundings - When walking along busy hallways and corridors, always be on the lookout for those bright caution signs warning you of slippery falls and ongoing cleanups. This way, you can slow down until you are past the slipper area.

In addition, paying attention to your surroundings will allow you to avoid bumping anyone or hitting random office objects. Be sure to always look ahead and see where you are going instead of putting all of your focus on your phone or documents.

• Organize Your Office Space - Bumping against objects cannot be entirely faulted for an employee’s lack of focus. Office spaces tend to be messy as people are filing all over the place, resulting in messily arranged tables, cabinet doors left opened, and chairs in the middle of pathways.

Putting effort in organizing an office space and remembering to place back chairs and items in their rightful places can help minimize accidents and avoid severe ones from happening.

• Pay Attention To Defects And Damages - Uneven tiles and flooring can cause slip and fall accidents to happen in the office. Other neglected damaged items can also cause other unfortunate events. Once you have noticed anything amiss and requires repairs, do not hesitate to report it to the management or to your employer as it is their responsibility to ensure that the workplace is a safe space for their employees.

When the unavoidable happens, contact a slip and fall attorney to assist you with your slip and fall accident.

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