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Fourth Of July Fireworks Safety Tips

Independence Day is almost upon us! Between the cookouts, the family fun, and the celebration of this great nation, the Fourth of July is the most fun holiday of the summer. However one of our time honored holiday traditions, lighting off fireworks, can be extremely dangerous if you are not careful. Here at All Injuries Law Firm we want to make sure you have a safe and fun holiday, so we put together this list of simple tips for fireworks safety this holiday.

Choose Legal Fireworks

Although it may be tempting to light off some of the fun illegal fireworks, remember these are banned for a reason. These fireworks present a safety not only to the operator but to the whole neighborhood. Plus if something goes wrong you could be in big legal trouble. So make sure that you only light off legal fireworks. In the state of Florida all exploding fireworks are illegal, though some places will still try to sell them. So check your local laws to make sure you aren’t buying anything that is banned.

Fireworks Safety Tips

Once you’ve picked out the legal fireworks you and your family will set off this year, you want to make sure you practice all safety precautions. Here are some important tips to stay safe around fireworks this Fourth of July:

  • Read all the warning labels on the fireworks before buying. If something is too dangerous, skip it.

  • Read all the instructions before lighting any firework.

  • Make sure you understand what the firework is going to do so you can light it safely.

  • Keep a bucket of water, a hose, or a fire hydrant nearby in case you need to put out a fire.

  • Keep a first aid kit with burn treatments handy in case of accident.

  • Wear protective gear like safety goggles and protective clothing when lighting fireworks.

  • Only light fireworks outdoors in an open space. Make sure there is nothing above or around the fireworks that can catch on fire.

  • Never light fireworks on dry grass or near obvious fire hazards.

  • Keep a safe distance after lighting fireworks.

  • Light fireworks one at a time, fireworks are unpredictable so you may not have time between lightings to get to safety.

  • Never give fireworks to children.

  • Never drink alcohol while operating fireworks.

  • Never smoke around fireworks.

  • Never hold a firework while lighting it.

  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person.

  • Never store fireworks in your pocket.

  • Wait at least 20 minutes before trying to relight a dud firework.

  • Douse all spent fireworks in water before throwing them away.

Go Watch Fireworks

Since most of the really showy fireworks are banned in Florida, you may have more fun going to watch a fireworks show then lighting them yourself. One of the best things about living in the state of Florida is we are all close to the beaches, world class amusement parks, and sports stadiums. Most of these places will put on spectacular fireworks shows. So you should consider skipping the danger of lighting fireworks yourself and go and watch some of the breathtaking fireworks displays available. In the Port Charlotte area there’s three amazing fireworks shows this year including 4th Fest, Celebrate American Spirit, and the Fisherman’s Village Annual Fourth of July Celebration that you and your family could enjoy.

So whatever you and your family do this Fourth of July, we at All Injuries Law Firm hope that you have a safe and fun time celebrating the birth of our great nation this year! Happy Independence Day!