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Florida Auto Insurance: When Someone Else Driving Your Car Has An Accident

Car accidents can happen to anyone. You, a family member, or even a friend who you trust to use your vehicle may end up getting involved in an accident despite being careful. Regardless of who causes the accident, you need to do the right thing to prevent facing any legal issues.

Your Insurance and Permissive Use

Englewood drivers need to carry the state minimum coverage requirements under Florida law. If you added the driver to your insurance coverage, they will be covered by your policy. But generally, anyone living in the same house as you is covered by your policy when they are driving your car. Some insurance providers even require policyholders to list all members of the household of driving age on their insurance policy.
Usually, auto insurance also covers a friend you permit to use your car. They will be under the permissive use provision, which covers anyone who may borrow your vehicle occasionally. 
As a no-fault state, Florida requires (PIP) Personal Injury Protection coverage. Contrary to what some people may think, auto insurance in Englewood follows the vehicle. That means if you lend your car to someone, your policy will provide primary coverage to them in the event of an accident. Meanwhile, the driver’s insurance will provide supplemental secondary coverage.
For instance, let us say your friend borrows your car and ends up getting involved in a fender bender. If they are at fault, you will be responsible for filing a claim with your insurance provider. You will pay the deductible and will be at risk of getting premium increases. The insurance company of your friend will pay for expenses exceeding your insurance policy coverage. 

If your friend is not the one at fault, the insurance policy of the other party will cover the damages to your car. 
While auto insurance usually follows the vehicle and not the driver, there are certain exceptions you should know.
• You explicitly excluded someone in your household from your policy coverage, but they still drive your car. 
• If an accident happens after your car gets stolen, you will not be liable for the damages to the vehicle of the other party and any injuries they may have incurred due to the incident. However, your insurer will likely pay for the damages to your vehicle.
• If your family member or friend used your vehicle without your consent, your insurer will likely cover only the costs exceeding your family member’s or friend’s insurance coverage.

If you let an unlicensed person or a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs operate your car, you are at risk of getting sued for damages due to an accident they may cause.

Call a Lawyer

If you or a loved one gets in a car accident, consider consulting an Englewood car accident lawyer. In doing so, you can get professional advice as to what you should do to get proper compensation from your insurance agency. Contact All Injuries Law Firm now to discuss your case.

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