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Five Ways To Get The Most Fair Settlement For Your Accident Injury Claims

Let’s face it, insurance companies are a business and businesses are concerned with making money. When you bought your policy, they may have been very kind and supportive, but when it comes to filing a claim, often their tone changes. Insurance companies will do whatever it takes to pay you the least value for your injury claim. In order to get a fair claim to pay for all your medical bills, lost wages, and other related expenses, you need a strong strategy to support your rights. Here are five tips to help you get the compensation you deserve:

Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

The most important thing you can do is work with someone who understands the law and will advocate for you. An attorney that specializes in personal injury law will do just that. Attorneys know exactly what needs to be done to get a fair settlement. They will help you during every step of the process from gathering evidence to communicating with your insurance company to negotiating a fair settlement. Attorneys will even take your case to court if your rights are not being protected. Hiring an attorney also sends a clear message to the insurance companies that you mean business and you will not be denied your rights.

Collect Evidence And Document Everything

The more evidence you have for your claims, the more likely you will be able to get a fair settlement. Make sure that you document everything from the accident itself to trips to the hospital to conversations with the insurance company. Also collect as much evidence as possible, including witness statements, medical records, and pay stubs. Even if you think it’s not important, provide it to your attorney. They will help take all of the evidence and find the most compelling case for your claim.

Seek Compensation For Everything

Accident injuries don’t just cost you money in terms of medical bills. There are a lot of other associated costs including lost wages and benefits, the cost of transportation and home modifications, and even intangible costs like the stress and heartache from dealing with a severe injury. An attorney can help you assess what your injuries actually cost you, rather than just what your medical bills cost. That cost is actually the real value of your claim and you have a right to a fair, equivalent settlement to make up for those costs.

Never Take The First Offer

Insurance companies want to pay you the least money possible. So they always lowball on the first offer. Furthermore, many accident injuries have delayed symptoms, so you may be contending with a serious illness and not know it when you accept the insurance company’s offer. So never take this first offer, because once you do, you can’t go back for more compensation. Instead wait until you have a full picture of what the injuries have truly cost you. Then you can negotiate a fair settlement from there.

Make The Insurance Adjuster Explain Their Offer

Once you get another offer, make the insurance adjuster explain in detail the justification for the offer. The job of the insurance adjuster is to protect the interests of the insurance company. So they will try to sneak lowball offers in. When you confront them and make them explain their reasoning, you and your attorney can then counter their justifications with more evidence and proof that the offer is unfair.

These tips will help ensure that you get the compensation that you are legally owed. Working with a skilled attorney like the team at All Injuries Law Firm will help. If you hire us, we will work closely with you to ensure that the insurance companies are respecting your rights. We’ll help you at every step of the process and manage all the communication, filing, and document collection. Give us a call at 1-941-625-HURT for a free consultation to see how we’ve helped Southwest Florida residents just like you get the full compensation they are owed.